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Timeline and Changes

January 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

Wow my bitches! What a year (or two actually) it’s been!

As I’ve been blogging and uploading new images for my site the last few days, I’ve noticed a big change in my looks and how much better I am with make-up. Particularly around the eyes: eye liner, shadow, mascara. So tonight, I’m going to present a timeline.



July 2015


Aug 2015


June 2015



June 2016


Oct 2016


Nov 2016



Jan 11 2017


Jan 19 2017


Jan 22 2017

What do you think my bitches? I see remarkable change and I love it!


p.s. I had to update this shortly after it went live. This girl needs to preview her post in a browser. I mean… It looked good in the editor but yikes! Those images were EVERYWHERE!


Hi there bitches, having a wonderful weekend? I hope so!

As for me, most of the day has been sitting here staring at my screen for hours trying to decide what to write. Then, taking  break doing some laundry, then staring a t the screen. Every time I sat down I couldn’t think of what to write about. It feels like there are a million things swirling around in my head and they all seem of some importance, but then… where to start. For one, it’s been an a bit of an emotional weekend so far. However, I’m at a point where I can write about that portion yet.

But, after an evening with friends (yes, this party gurl just got home 😉 ) I have some ideas and they are all positive.

For starters, and I mentioned some good things in my previous post “Next Steps” and that I would follow up on them later. Well, it’s later now bitches!

I guess the first thing, and in some ways it’s really cool and definitely an affirmation about myself, is my computer and how I logon. I have a fairly new laptop, I bought it last Fall, and it implements a bio-metric logon using face  recognition. I set it up and configured it as my masculine persona, D. Well my bitches, guess what happened when I sat in front of the computer as Denise? It did’t recognize me! I had to switch to PIN and password in order to login. Not that big of a deal but still frustrating. So on my work from home day Thursday, where I put on full make-up, clothes, and wig, I signed in as D, and added a second account. Then, I set the sign-on process to use Windows “Hello” and camera, which took a separate picture for Denise. Now, I open the laptop, the camera turns on and I get “Hello Denise!” I can’t tell you how good that feels 🙂 Warm fuzzy’s all over!

The other really positive for the weekend (so far. There IS all of Sunday to go) was the evening I had with friends. Tonight was our regular league night for the poker club I am in. And the wife of the person who runs the league is the one who sent me the Boy X Boy cartoon last Sunday. So I decided to go en-femme, and as Denise. And I struggled with it all afternoon. I wanted to go, but my clothes still are a bit snug, and don’t fit well. And, the ones that do fit fairly well, don’t look right as they are designed for how shall I say it… People with more bosom than I possess. That makes them appear flat and one dimensional and not as flattering in my opinion.

So as usual, I started on my make-up with the “I’ll just throw on some concealer and foundation, maybe a little powder, and call it good” approach. However, as I’ve noticed quite a bit recently, it never stops there. Before I know it I’m moving on to my liner, shadow, brows and mascara. And, if I’m at home, lip liner and lipstick.

I had all my make-up applied in 20 minutes and decided to try on the wig to see how the complete look turned out. Well my bitches, that was all it took. I was looking good! In fact, check out the featured image for today’s blog bitches!

As I’ve bee wearing my tights and panties underneath my jeans for the last few weeks anyway, it didn’t take much for me to switch, pull on a short pencil skirt and baby blue v-neck blouse, and my kitten heel black sandals. Ta da bitches! Denise is going out!

My league seems very accepting of me (of course, 4 of the members work with me and have seen me with make-up on before). Everyone was polite, and talked to me as if nothing was any different. I did request on member not use my male name, and that either D (the gender neutral moniker) or Denise. He was totally cool and said sure D, no problem, I didn’t know.

After I got knocked out, I spent a good hour having “girl talk” with the wife and hostess of the league, sharing how I felt, how much I appreciated her support, and the like. It’s nights and events like this that are uplifting and affirmative, and that support that I am who I am. I am Denise, and I am trans! I love me 🙂

Good night bitches!

Good evening bitches! How is everyone tonight? This gurl is feeling fabulous, sassy, and confident!

A few nights ago I wrote about body image and how I have been unhappy with myself lately. Well, I think tonight (or this weekend in general) was a turning point.

I guess it really started Saturday morning when I woke up feeling particularly… how should I say this… “girly”. I had an appointment for my manicure and I really, really, really, wanted to dress up and go to the salon as Denise. But I was feeling too ugly and fat. So while I didn’t go fully dressed, I did go with a bit more than my “daily wear” make-up. I did full winged eyeliner, a medium blue shadow for my lids, and an orange and bronze blend from the lids up. And, I even wore a bit of lipstick: my favourite “Champagne on  Ice” nude shade. It felt good. Really good.

With all that going on, my girlfriend as supposed to meet me at the salon. However, long story short, between a last-minute family obligation, and then not feeling well, she couldn’t make it. That left me with the afternoon to myself. I was really liking my new nails, and I felt like did a smashing job blending my eye shadows, and was feeling really good.

First, I donned my wig. I was curious with the make-up contouring and blending how everything would look. I was rather pleased and was wanting more (based on my mood when I woke up). As I needed to take care of a few chores around my flat, it was then I decided to just say “fuck it” with the body image (it WAS a Saturday afternoon and all).

I pulled on my favorite panties, then pantyhose, a skirt, blouse, and my heels and became Denise for the afternoon. It felt really good. And I was happy for a few hours. I felt like me regardless of my body image.

Then back to reality as my girlfriend was heading over and we were going to a ballroom dance and I needed to transition back (I did keep most of the make-up on 🙂 ). So for the next 24 hours or so I was back to my masculine representation. That is, until this evening.

I met my good friend K at my local watering hole while watching American football. We had a really good conversation around changes in our lives. And, K has met me as Denise and D (that’s the gender non-specific name I introduce myself as), so she knows the things I’m going through. And we talked about the body image issues I’m dealing with and how I want to change. And she was very positive and supportive.

We chatted a bit more and I finally left for my flat. But, once home, I was stronger in my feeling to be Denise so I changed. And for some reason, got really sassy and flirty.

So I took the selfie (today’s featured image) and sent it to K asking her opinion. Her response made my night! “Omg girl!!! You look amazing! Look at those lips!”.

The most important one she sent “I’ve known you for 6 months and seen you as Denise once. And I’ve always felt that D is not the real you. THIS is the real you and you’re amazing!”

And that started a long text discussion that, with her support, has encouraged me to be the real me. She’s the first person I ever used the word “trans” to describe myself. And, she used it tonight to describe me. And she told me “Since the day I first saw you in that dress, I knew that’s who you were supposed to be”.

It’s funny hearing it from someone else. But yes, I need to start being who I’m supposed to be.

Ciao my lovely bitches,

Just a fun post today my bitches! I decided to work on that sexy eye look this morning and was pleased with the outcome. as I pulled into the office 20170111_082105and checked my rear-view mirror while backing up, I caught my eyes in the reflection. Not bad! And that’s when I realized that “all the girls” have that “car selfie”. So I paused and took one. The picture itself really isn’t that good. It’s too dark and grainy. But, with a bit of my laptop’s photo editor… Well, see for yourself.

Along with that, here’s one a took tonight. 20170111_210742I hope everyone can see the liner and shadow.

That’s all for now… Ta ta and Ciao bitches…

Daily Wear Update

January 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening bitches! I hope it’s warm where you are. Last I checked it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit with about 4″ of snow on the ground. But enough of that, it’s daily wear sample time.

I think I’m finding my color and style for my daily wear. It’s light, and nice and clean in my opinion. What do you think?20161223_224012

My foundation is Cover Girl “tru Blend” in either the L6 or M2 shades. I’ve refined this over the last 6 months gradually decreasing the “M” shade and increasing the “L” shade. I believe I had started off with L3 and M6. The lighter L shades were just too pale and gave me a washed out look even with a darker concealer. Conversely, the darker M shades were too orange even with a lighter concealer.

After the “tru Blend” I follow-up with Cover Girl’s “Ready Set Gorgeous”. Just like the foundation, I’ve adjusted over the months and have settled with the 205 shade. Sometimes, if I want a more porcelain look, I’ll drop down to the 120. I’ve found it’s a nice compliment to the L6 without going ashen grey, or coming off with a Casper the Ghost look. And that’s the base for today’s daily wear look.

After that base, I apply my liner. It’s taken a bit of trial and error and I’ve found that moving on to that before I  apply any powder has been much more effective. I swear I dried out 3 eye liner pens in my attempts to apply the liner after I had applied any powder.

And, my liner routine involves 2 to 3 items. First, I use they Stila liquid pencil. It has a nice broad tip and I use it to make a series of dots from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. Next, I start filling in with the MAC liquid pencil by connecting the dots.It’s tip is much finer and I feel like I have better control. Then, once I have the lash line connected I add my cat-eye, or wings and connect to the outer dot at the edge of my eye. Lastly, I fill in any gaps with a Maybelline “Master Precise” liner pen. In my opinion it’s in between the fine point of the MAC pen and the broad tip of the Stila pen.

With all that complete, now I’m ready for my powders 20170104_195516First, I start with MAC Devil Satin blush. I use that to give my cheeks their definition, then I brush it lightly around my jaw and forehead for contouring. I also apply a light coat on my eye lids as a color foundation for later. I then blend with MAC Light Plus mineralizing powder.

Once that is all blended I’m ready to finish up with my eyes. For this look I used Loréal “Colour riche” palette in 116 Haute Hazel. And, I only use the base lid 20170104_195715 copper color. I apply it with a soft brush from the lid to the brow and blend with the MAC blush to tone down the orange color. I finish off with a soft eyelid blender brush and blend again with the Light Plus mineralizing powder. If I’m feeling a bit more bold I’ll use a definer brush and apply the blue lid tint to the lower lash line as well.

So, what do you think bitches? Do I have it down? Let me know!

For now, it’s time to remove everything, wash my face with Josie Maran Argan oil of Morocco.

Goodnight and ciao my lovelies,

Random Tidbits

January 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

Happy New Year bitches! I hope everyone’s 2017 is starting off on the rights foot.

It’s been a bit of a slow start for yours truly here, but fun and interesting.
For starters, I kinda got hit on, or flirted with by a waiter New Year’s Day. My girlfriend and I had gone for our spa day (aka, nails, see right) so that we’d be sparkly and
shiny for New Year’s Eve (which turned out to be a bust).20170102_212409
After waking up on the 1st, we decided we needed some black-eyed peas for our good luck, and decided to go to lunch. While at the restaurant, the waiter commented on my nails saying “oooh, I really like your nails!”

He is the first male to ever make a comment, which was nice. As lunch progressed, my girlfriend noticed that whenever he came to the table, he always seemed to address me rather than my girlfriend, or both of us. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t weird or creepy. I was a bit flattered. And it’s not the first time I’ve been hit on by a guy. The first was in college a long time ago, in a university far, far away.

I was at a frat party and a guy came on to me. I knew he was openly gay back then and, not being the type to judge, I told him thanks, I’m flattered, but no, I’m not into guys. He was cool about it, thanked me for not freaking out and getting all homophobic on him, and we both went our separate ways at the party. Because we were both in band, we saw each other frequently and, in my recollection, we were both cool about that night. Now fast forward 20+ years, and here I am getting flirted up by another guy. To be fair, I have changed just a tiny bit ;).

The other interesting occurrence was this evening as I was doing my weekly shopping to fill my pantry and larder (aka grocery shopping for my US readers). I’d been pretty much relaxing and doing chores around my flat for most of the day but that hadn’t stopped me from applying my “daily wear”. Hey, a gurl needs to look good at all times, am I right bitches? And, for someone like me, even if I don’t go out, it’s like practice 🙂

Anyway, I did need to go to the store as my fridge and pantry were practically empty. So fast forward to the end as I’m checking out and the cute, young cashier looked at me as she was scanning my items and commented “Oooh, I like your eyeliner! You do it better than me!” We then struck up  conversation around technique and how to apply liner. She even pulled out her phone to show me some selfies of some liner techniques she had tried. So, score another one for this gurl bitches!

Well, that’s all for tonight. I need to crawl into bed for my beauty sleep and my return to the workforce tomorrow.

Ciao my lovelies,


Whew! (Or heavy sigh, take your pick my lovelies).

Yes, they are over. I made it through! (Did you?) I had my last family obligations today and it went… Ok, I made it through.

I got over my trepidation and nervousness and decided for closer to my normal daily wear. That is (besides my foundation, concealer, and powder) I opted for eye liner (top and bottom) with a small cat eye corner, and dark grey shadow with my dark orange MAC blush powder as an accent color.

My sister was the first to notice which was not surprising. But it was a nonchalant “Oh, you’ve got make-up on today” type of thing. I gave her a quick “Yep, feeling festive” response and we moved on. My brother, the ultraconservative Christian, snickered and made a comment, but we soon moved on. I caught him snickering or giving me weird grins later on as if he were mocking me. But hey, I don’t do this for him or anyone else. He can keep his narrow minded opinion.

Then, about an hour and a half into lunch, he left and I swapped places so I could sit directly across from my sister and talk. We were having a good conversation when the first bomb dropped from my mom: “When did you turn away from God?” <Insert crickets chirping>

It had actually started a bit earlier when she gave me a Christian necklace with a Bible verse on it. I looked at it and thanked her. As I was putting it back in the box she asked if I would wear it. I ignored it and pretended I didn’t hear it. But when the question came up later about turning away from God, she brought it up again. “Are you going to wear it”?

Aside from the tackiness of asking if someone is going to wear something you bought them for a gift, how does one respond? I thought about asking her “If I bought you a pentagram, would you wear that”?

Fortunately I was spared from answering her as that’s when my brother decided to leave and I changed places. Not long afterward she brought it up again “Are you going to wear it”?

I was thinking about how to answer when she followed up with the “when did you turn from God question” among several others. At least these were easier questions to answer although awkward because of how she can’t fathom an atheist. I deflected this time with the standard “I thought it wasn’t polite to discuss religion or politics” statement.

By this time though, the full awkwardness has settled in like fog over London. I looked at my sister and said “we should talk later”. My mom took that as the hint that lunch was through and we began to wrap up and leave. That’s when she noticed my make-up and commented. At least it wasn’t a derogatory or malicious comment and I remarked that I just like to wear it and it allows me to be more artistic and express myself. She looked stunned and didn’t press any further.

Later, my sister and I met for drinks and a good, deep talk. She and I are in a good place and were able to be real, and honest with each other. We both respect each other and have similar beliefs about people and how we should treat those around us. Hint: It’s with respect for everyone’s lifestyle, views, and opinions.

So now I’m back at my hotel, drained emotionally, and tired. I got through it and my family obligations. And that, my lovelies, is why I prefer to spend time with the family I choose, over my biological family.



Here we are bitches, one day closer to Christmas. And Sandra Claus is coming to town!

Actually, I’m a bit toned down this weekend as I’m a bit outside my comfort zone. I’m in Texas to visit family and most of them have no clue about my life outside of their little bubble. However, it’s not my family I’m concerned about as the rest of the people I encounter. Why?

Texas is one of the few “bathroom bill” states. A state where if a person isn’t straight, white, and married then you must be a pervert, deranged, mentally unfit, or just “gay” (you know, that derogatory “That’s just gay” attitude).

In general, I honestly don’t care what people think. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and opinions. But in Texas it seems like people who believe and live differently than your’s truly here, not only do not share the “live and let live” philosophy, but

  1. Want to force people to believe that their thought’s, belief’s, opinion’s are correct
  2. Think that anyone outside their belief system is “sick”, or “needs Jesus”, or is “going to hell”

Thus laws like bathroom bills (thankfully voted down). In this forward thinking state the bill would have required people to use bathrooms associated with the gender on their birth certificate. Besides being (in this writer’s personal opinion) a bit backwards, it’s also a bit creepy. For example, how were they to enforce it? Would the state or local municipalities hire extra personnel to check birth certificates and have people pull down their unmentionables to check genitalia? “I’m sorry ma’am, even though you appear to be female and have what appears to be a vagina, your birth certificate says male. Therefore, you’re in violation and are under immediate arrest”.

There have been actual elected officials (mayors, senators, sheriffs to name a few) who have publicly stated they would “beat up”, “shoot”, “kill” any “pervert attempting to use the wrong bathroom”.

Thus my trepidation my (not-so) gentle readers. 20161224_164455I’ve toned down my make-up to just basic daily wear: That is foundation, concealer, powder, and a nude, natural lipstick. (FYI, it’s Revlon’s Champagne on Ice, 205).

More importantly, it’s my nails. I go with my girlfriend every few weeks or so for manis and pedis. Since I am a bit hard on nails and chip the crap out of them just by looking I’ve switched to shellac’s. And this week I went with a heat sensitive, color changing shellac so it’s quite obvious.


Warm color


Cold color

Overall, I just go about my business and act natural. I feel like if a person is self conscious, draws attention with their nervousness, that it actually attracts more attention.But, I am on-guard end keep my eyes and ears peeled just in case.

Enough for now my lovelies! Happy Christmas Eve, Happy first day of Hanukkah my lovelies.

Ciao, denise

Merry Christmas Bitches!

December 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Well, almost, but close enough! Who’s ready for Sandra Claus? (Snickers)

This girl for one! I know it’s been almost a month (I know, I’ve been bad),  since the “exciting weekend” but not a lot has been going on other than working my ass off. Unfortunately my ass isn’t showing the reward.

But, here we are on Christmas Eve, Eve. Other than work nothing really exciting has been going on. My girlfriend though has been impressed with my make-up skills so she’s been asking me to do things for her. For one, she dressed as a Christmas Elf for her office party and asked me for help there. It was my first time putting make-up on anyone else so I went over the night before and practiced, tried different looks, until we found one she liked. We went with the “Frozen” look: Icy blue eye shadow with winged eyeliner, and a glittery-white top coat for sparkle.

As for me, I’ve just been practicing a lot, and even going for the full effect look. And, I think I’ve found my colors for my “day look”.20161223_224012
This is a bit more evening wear as I’m using the grey eye shadow. The main difference is for work it’s a bit more clean. That is, a lighter version of the orange shadow with a thinner eye liner. Several of my female co-workers have commented that they think it’s a fresher look.

I also downloaded the Mary Kay app for my phone just to play with different looks. This one is actually closer to my daily wear now and other than earrings and lip gloss, that’s all my own make-up, and my wig, all applied by me.
I now I’m liking it 🙂 What do YOU think my lovelies?

Ciao, and have a wonderful Christmas!


Oh, P.S….

I promise I’ll write more!

Bitches, I’m Back!

November 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Yes, I’m back bitches! I may seem a little sassy right now but it’s been a whirlwind year and I feel I’ve earned it. And by whirlwind, I mean overall it has had some major downs but thing are looking up.

To start with, just over a year ago I lost my youngest grandson. He had an accident in the tub and passed away 10 days after his first birthday. I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say I lost between 3 and 4 months of my life. I honestly don’t know where they went. They are gone. I have a faint, foggy memory of Christmas but November, December, and January don’t seem to have existed. I look back on the last time I blogged and don’t remember writing anything in January but I see the evidence. But, as I started coming out of my grief and fog in February I realized I needed to change my life. I needed to be authentic and true to myself. And that’s when the next changes started.

I began talking with my wife about how this was not the life I wanted. I knew it wasn’t the life she wanted either. We had been living in an open relationship lifestyle for about 5 years but it wasn’t really working out. Aside from my gender fluidity, I had come to realize that I am really not wired for monogamy. That doesn’t mean I can’t love someone for a long time, or the rest of my life, but that they aren’t going to be the only person I love in a romantic or sexual manner. And, with everything I had learned, I began to change my philosophy and ideas around marriage. That is: Why do people need a certificate, or license, to prove they love each other and are committed to each other? Why can’t you just love each other and take care of each other, be there for one another, and support each other? Why do you have to share finances, a house, a car, etc just to say “we love each other and we’re married?” She, on the other hand, decided she needed that stability, that “paper document”, and everything else that comes with a marriage. She wanted the “status quo”, the identity of being a married couple and all the privileges granted to it. And that while she believed in open relationships and polyamory in theory, I believe she looked at her parent’s 50 plus years of marriage and saw that as the ultimate goal and achievement and couldn’t reconcile the two. In the end, we talked about it like mature adults and each decided that live the remainder of our lives as friends and to pursue our happiness along separate paths. We sold the house, paid off all our debt, divided the remainder, then filed for divorce ourselves.

All along the way, I began making changes to my life based on what I felt was being authentic to myself. I had never stopped wearing make-up to work but I became a bit more bold. Aside from the daily wear I had been using (foundation, concealer, powder, and mascara) I started adding eye shadow as well. It was usually something very subtle like a copper or bronze. I also began tweezing my brows a little more, shaping and thinning them.

At the same time, I had gotten back with my girlfriend (we had broken up right about the time our grandson died but that’s another story) and I began going to the salon with her for a manicure. At first I was just getting a basic treatment with trimmed nails and cuticles, and clear polish. Then she suggested I try something decorative for my index finger. I had aces done for my poker league, then a Lord of the Rings design. Around August I decided to go with a design based on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”: A black nail with the prism and rainbow. The nail artist misunderstood and instead of just painting one nail, did it across all of them. I was too embarrassed to tell her “No, I only wanted it on one nail” so I went with it. Other than all black (or mostly black) I really liked it. So the next trip I found and went with a metallic, charcoal grey. Then a 3-D Halloween design, to what I’m wearing now: heat sensitive, color-changing shellac in a light mauve to deep eggplant purple tones.

And all while I’m making these changes, I’m adding more bold shadows, and even liner to my daily wear. A co-worker and I created “winged eyeliner Thursday” where we see what kinds of cute and interesting designs we can make with eyeliner. It’s fun and I’m enjoying my life. I feel I am able to express who I truly am now.

I know this is a lot to drop on my lovelies, my bitches, my not so gentle readers, but I have to start somewhere. Look forward to more posts soon including pics of what I’ve learned to do in the last year. And aside from my life, there’s the whole word on fire too with anti-LGBTQ fear and uncertainty. I’ll cover that too.

But for now, goodnight my lovelies. Until next time…
Ciao, Denise