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Merry Christmas Bitches!

December 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Well, almost, but close enough! Who’s ready for Sandra Claus? (Snickers)

This girl for one! I know it’s been almost a month (I know, I’ve been bad),  since the “exciting weekend” but not a lot has been going on other than working my ass off. Unfortunately my ass isn’t showing the reward.

But, here we are on Christmas Eve, Eve. Other than work nothing really exciting has been going on. My girlfriend though has been impressed with my make-up skills so she’s been asking me to do things for her. For one, she dressed as a Christmas Elf for her office party and asked me for help there. It was my first time putting make-up on anyone else so I went over the night before and practiced, tried different looks, until we found one she liked. We went with the “Frozen” look: Icy blue eye shadow with winged eyeliner, and a glittery-white top coat for sparkle.

As for me, I’ve just been practicing a lot, and even going for the full effect look. And, I think I’ve found my colors for my “day look”.20161223_224012
This is a bit more evening wear as I’m using the grey eye shadow. The main difference is for work it’s a bit more clean. That is, a lighter version of the orange shadow with a thinner eye liner. Several of my female co-workers have commented that they think it’s a fresher look.

I also downloaded the Mary Kay app for my phone just to play with different looks. This one is actually closer to my daily wear now and other than earrings and lip gloss, that’s all my own make-up, and my wig, all applied by me.
I now I’m liking it 🙂 What do YOU think my lovelies?

Ciao, and have a wonderful Christmas!


Oh, P.S….

I promise I’ll write more!


New Wintry Day Tights

February 2, 2016 — 2 Comments

It’s a cold, very snow day here so trying my new tights today. I LOVE ’em!
Of course, they’re covering a nice pair of black and pink boy shorts panties
that you can’t see 😉 And unfortunately, with almost a foot of snow,
can’t wear the heels. Later though!20160201_072424

Going out tonight!

January 26, 2016 — 2 Comments

I’m excited! I’m going out tonight! My wife and I are heading to the theater to see the Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander new movie The Danish Girl. It’s the story (loosely based) on the lives of Lili Elbe


Lili Elbe c. 1926

and her wife Gerda Wegener. Lili was one of the first recipients of gender reassignment surgery and lived most of her life presenting as female. I’m SO looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get home, change, get in my new dress and get all styled up!
If there were time, I’d love to go get a new pair of heels before the show but as it is, I think we’ll barely even have time for dinner. Sigh…


But I’ll take it!

Ciao my lovelies,

A fun day today! A few not quite as subtle changes for Friday. To start with, I was out of mascara and got a different brand. Whoa! That created some pretty startling and different lashes. But hey, I went with it. And last night was spa night with for a manicure and much needed pedicure. I was feeling whimsical, and since I’m hosting a poker night, decided to go with more than just my usual clear polish. Results below my lovelies. My coworkers love them!

20160121_211055 20160121_211043

Daily Wear Update

January 19, 2016 — Leave a comment

I have a new routine for my daily wear. Today I opted for mascara on the lower lashes as well. Sexy! And, that’s not all. I’m in a cold, dry climate, particularly in Winter, and my legs get really dry and itchy. Therefore, I moisturize with Curel’s (r) anti-itch formula lotion to avoid scratching the skin off two or three layers deep. Up until today I’ve used that is. I switched to a scented lotion called Carried Away. It has a pleasant mix of raspberry, vanilla, and jasmine. I layered it over my legs then slipped on my pantyhose. Sheer bliss! So that’s two new things for my daily wear!

Ciao my lovelies!

The Next Steps

January 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

As I was getting dressed this morning, it dawned on my what my next step would be. Yesterday I wrote about a new earring I wore to work.

This is it to the right. Since it’s a hoop style I actually have to take it off at night before bed, unlike the studs I usually wear, and as such, as I was getting work I kept reminding myself to remember to put on my earring. I was about a block from the house when I realized I had forgotten to put them on and returned back. That’s when it hit me: I need my other ear pierced. I’m sure that won’t quite be as subtle as the other changes I’ve been making. Which brings me to a point I forgot to mention as part of Coming Out Slowly: I’ve also been trimming, plucking and shaping my brows. Genetically I am cursed from both my parents with extremely bushy eyebrows and I’d already been using my Wahl hair clipper to keep them from looking like two giant caterpillars wrestling on my forehead. But about three months ago I began plucking and tweezing to also give them a more feminine look. And I took my time, shaping and thinning just a little each week. I think about a month had gone by before my wife noticed. So there’s that change as well.

New Earring

New Earring

Enough for today my lovelies.

Ciao, Denise!

Good evening my gentle readers! I think I may have to change my writing schedule in the months to follow if not the entire year. In the past, I’ve utilized lulls during my workday to create my posts but unfortunately, a change in demand for my time and tasks has increased significantly. So now I must use the downtime before repose with which to pen my missives.

Now onto real matters and let me start with daily wear. This is the term that I’m equating with the amount of make-up I apply daily. I’ve mentioned it before but it boils down to concealer, powder, and mascara. Of the former items, I’ve found an ideal blend for my complexion. The concealer is Match Perfection (r) by Rimmel and it’s the 430 medium hue. I start with three small dots on each eye between the lid and the brow, then three dots below the eye making a little triangle about 1/2 inch. Then a drop on the bridge of my nose and four across my forehead, just above the brows. Next I blend outward and away from the nose using a foam wedge proceeding as follows: eye lids, cheeks, nose, forehead. Then comes the powder. For this I use Cover Girl Tru Blend (r) number 2 light, translucent powder applied with a blending brush and work my way down my face. I then finish with my mascara on the top lashes. I must be doing something correctly as I’ve yet to have anyone at work comment .

For after work hours and the weekend days, I add liner and eye shadow to create what I call my enhanced look. I apply this even when I’m in my non-femme clothes and, other than my wife and my girlfriend, have only had one other person comment on it and that is the hostess J and my favorite restaurant. When I add this to my routine, I apply the eye liner immediately following the powder, then I use a small contour brush and apply a bronze or copper-colored shadow to the upper lid, blending it with the liner. In my opinion, it’s still a rather natural look. If not for the eye liner it would barely be noticeable. Of course, for my full en-femme nights, well, that’s another story my lovelies!

Now for the ad-hoc items. Yes, I know, I need some pictures up here! I’ve tried taking some the last few times I’ve dressed out fully but what I see in the mirror and what I see on the phone camera are quite distinct. When I see my reflection in the mirror I see an attractive woman. The selfie generated from the phone is quite the opposite. The reflection appears smooth, even and radiant. The image captured by my phone appears yellowed, almost ghoulish, and seems to magnify every wrinkle and fold. I’ll keep trying though, for you my gentle readers.

One final note before signing off. In my last few posts I’ve use the phrase “en-femme”. I’ve come to discover that I dislike the phrase “in drag”. To me, en-femme feels like it captures my spirit more: I’m feeling feminine, pretty, sexy, me. Drag feels like impersonation, mockery, and unnatural. Does that make sense?

Thanks for listening my lovelies, and pics to come soon (I promise!)

A New Year, A New Me

January 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

First off, let me apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months as life got in the way significantly. But, that’s what a New Year is about, starting afresh. And, mine started off rather positively!

I stopped at a big box retailer to get some items for the kittens (yes, I got kittens about 6 weeks ago) and on my way to the register I passed the women’s section of the department store. There were some lovely sweater dresses and I’ve needed something that actually fits and flatters my body. I found one at a reasonable price and figured if it didn’t work out I could always return it. I picked out a pretty, and elegant, charcoal grey, cable knit sweater dress. It was just calling my name! Oh, and I also found a little clutch to go with it. After all, it doesn’t make sense to go out in a cute, sexy dress and carry a man-wallet.

It fit well and once I added my control top pantyhose and Spanx tummy flattener it looked amazing! And that’s where things took a turn. I was getting hungry and needed to get something to eat but since I had spent a bit of effort getting everything on I didn’t want to take it all off and redress. So I decided to go out. Yikes!

I did my makeup and nails, transferred my license, credit card and some cash to the clutch and took off to my favorite restaurant for a margarita and maybe a little food. When I arrived the place looked a little empty much to my relief because I wasn’t sure I could handle a big crowd. But when I pulled up, I noticed the bar had several people sitting at it and I freaked out. So I backed out and drove around the shopping center, pulled into an empty parking space to calm myself down. While there I checked my hair and make-up, took a few deep breaths then headed back to the restaurant. As I pulled up I still saw several people at the bar but I also noticed my favorite waitress “J” which helped calm me. Since the place was nearly empty I decided I’d take a booth and hope that the “J” would help ease my nervousness.

The butterflies in my stomach were on overdrive as I swayed into the restaurant. J was in her usual “Welcome, how many are there tonight” greeting when she recognized me and her face lit up. “Oh, welcome back, you look amazing!” That really helped a lot. She asked if I was going to sit at the bar but I told her maybe a booth tonight as there were others already sitting there and I was nervous.

J handed me the menu and took my drink order then went back to the hostess stand. As I was taking my bite of the chips and salsa, one of the waiters I know well “A” came over to check on me and as he approached, recognized me and said “Happy New Year, amigo, how you doing? I almost didn’t recognize you. You look great!”. I was totally surprised at this but felt the nervousness ease even more. And the night kept getting better. The bartender, “C” brought my margarita and sat down across from me. “Feliz años nuevo amigo, como esta? Why aren’t you sitting at the bar tonight?” I explained my nervousness about the others at the bar but he told me nonsense, come on up.

So I moved to the bar, sipping on my margarita, lightly munching on the chips and salsa while waiting on my food. That’s when the night reached its peak. J and the owner’s granddaughter came over and sat in the chair next to me and the little girl reached up and said “I like how you did your hair tonight”. I was floored. I expected “Are you a boy, or a girl?” I expected confusion. But she seemed totally at ease. It was amazing! I felt pretty! I felt sexy! I felt accepted!

But the night didn’t end there. I closed down the place and was about to head home when I realized I still needed to get some items from the market. So I changed course and did some shopping for my weekly meals. I grabbed a cart, put my clutch in the basket and took off. I didn’t seem to get any unusual stares but I wasn’t paying attention. I was being in the moment, just being some woman out shopping. After making my way through produce I stopped at the deli counter. Since it was late I wasn’t sure they were still open so I asked the attendant. Her response helped boost my attitude: “I’m sorry ma’am, the deli closed 5 minutes ago, we’ve already started cleaning the equipment”. Wait, she called me ma’am? How exciting!

I slowed my walk a bit as I pushed the cart through the store, getting sassier as I shopped, swaying my hips a bit more. Several other employees also greeted me with ma’am after asking questions, and I even got several polite good evening’s from other shoppers. What a totally positive experience!

The only thing that marred the night was when I got home. As I was carry the bags from the car I felt something weird with one of my pumps. My first thought was that I had broken the tip off the heel. I unloaded the groceries and went to the bedroom to get a better look at it. That’s when I realized the heel had actually broken about an inch up. It was still wrapped in the leather but instead of pointing straight down it was bent forward at about a 30 degree angle. I tried to see if I could straighten it but it had also pulled the sole away from the heel. So time for some new shoes. Lucky me!

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. The foundation portion is pretty solid now. I can get my concealer, foundation and powder on evenly, smoothly and quickly. It’s the eyeliner that has taken some work and a lot of patience but I think I’m at a point where it’s consistent. Here are some samples of the last 2 days practicing. What do you think? (Yeah, my hair is a bit messy in the second damnit!). Oh, and after the full make-up with the blue eyes, I felt so sexy! I definitely felt like I was passable!

Green Eyes Blue Eyes

Until next time,
Ciao my lovelies!

Hello my lovelies, so sorry that I haven’t written in awhile. My world has gotten just a tad busy. (That’s not to say that I’m not still working my “girlish figure” and experimenting daily, I just haven’t had much time to write). But, this week’s news regarding Target and their decision to remove gender labeling in the toy aisles has had me perplexed. Not because of Target’s decision, but more the outcry from it.

My Facebook page feed has been a mixed bag of those showing support for the decision, and those adamantly against it. One friend posted “Not shopping at Target anymore, God made men and women. We’re different, so why do we need to change that”?

Hmmm, I’m perplexed. In my opinion that’s a non sequitur. So, God made men and women. If that’s what you believe fine. But, and this is big folks, men and women made the toys. And, again this is a big point folks, as the consumer YOU have the choice what to buy or not buy for your children. If your daughter wants the Meccano (r) Lego set will you tell her “No, that’s for boys”? Or is she wants the Star Wars (r) set will you say “Let’s find Princess Leia” Maybe your son wants the Lego Super Friends(r) set with Wonder Woman. Will you turn him down and steer him towards the Batman(r) because “it’s for boys?” (FYI… Look at these pictures. Do they say “For boys 8-14” or “For Girls 6-12”?)

Why stifle your child’s creativity and expression?

Another absurd comment I heard was “If Target removes gender labeling from these toys, how can I find what I’m looking for?” Seriously, “Boys Building Sets” and “Girls Building Sets” are now “Building Sets”. What are you looking for? That Star Wars(r) set for your son? Can’t find it in “Building Sets”? Maybe there are deeper issues. Looking for a girl’s bike? Can’t find it because there’s no “Girl’s Bicycles” aisle? Maybe, and this is just me, but could it be on the “Bicycles” aisle? Or, are there just too many options that would be confusing? To borrow a quote from comedian Bill Engvall: “Here’s your sign”.

Now people, let’s try worrying about something real.

Ciao my lovelies,