More Changes?

April 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello my bitches, yes, it’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve finished my 3rd week full-time as Denise and I haven’t been happier. That said, now that I’m full-time, I’m wondering “Is there more”?

The feeling, or desire, for actual breasts is becoming incredibly strong. I love the shape and form the give me but I want to SEE them, not just flesh-colored foam peeking out from my bra or camisole. I want to FEEL them, and TOUCH them. I want to be able to sense them under whatever I’m wearing. I want them to have sensation, pleasurable, or otherwise. I want to wake up in the morning, and see them in the mirror and know that they are mine. Does that make sense my bitches?

But it goes even further. I’ve been feeling “weird” or different all weekend. A kind of waiting anticipation, a bit of anxiety (in a kind of good way), that my journey is really just beginning. And it’s translated itself into this almost a sexual tension culminating into today.

There’s been an intense, yet pleasurable, pressure (or tingling) between my legs since last night. I would say I’m horny but my (still) male genitalia doesn’t become erect in that sense. And the sensation is deeper, more visceral than what I’ve experienced in the past. And it’s spreading through me. I’m full of nervous energy, my head is spinning, and my skin prickling with excitement (or anticipation) but of what, I don’t know. It does feel good, but it’s becoming very confusing. What are these feelings and thoughts?

Have any of my bitches (particularly those that identify as trans) experienced anything like this?


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