An “Outing” Outing

February 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening my bitches! I hope everyone is still doing well! I know I am šŸ™‚

Well, another interesting and fun outing tonight! I and my co-worker S had plans to go see a movie tonight. And, as is becoming the norm, dressed as Denise.

We finalized our plans at work and I left to go home around 5:00 PM and we were to meet at the theater, have a quick bite and a drink at 6:30, then on to the show at 7:30. And, as is typical with well laid plans, they took a slight detour.

It wasn’t long after I arrived home and started changing that I received a text from the on-call rotation that one of my critical jobs had failed. And, as the on-call DBA wasn’t homeĀ their estimate was that they couldn’t investigate until after 7:00 PM which puts some mission critical reporting data at risk.

I only live 10 minutes from the office so it made more sense for me to go investigate the failure, and fix if necessary, rather than wait until after 7:00. But therein lies my quandary: I’m half-dressed. I had taken off my jeans and polo and had already donned my stockings, camisole, skinny jeans, and pink pumps. And, I was half-way through touching up my make-up (adding a little evening glam as it were). So… I could either finish dressing and make-up and go into the office as Denise, or I could take everything off, put my “man-clothes” back on, and go in. But if I did the latter I wouldn’t get to spend the evening as Denise. And, I figured it would take more time to remove my evening make-up and change clothes back that it might put the evening in jeopardy.

So I decided that since quite a few people at work already know of my transition (and most likely a few more will find out Wednesday at Happy Hour, and that I will be coming out fully anyway in a few weeks, that what the fuck, I’m going to finish getting dressed.

After I had made that decision I was out the door and headed back to the office as Denise. I actually felt a little bit of excitement and, honestly, I didn’t give Ā fuck!

I pulled into a spot right in front of the door, grabbed my employee badge, and my purse, and strode right into the office and to my cubicle. I saw a few people still there and only one said hi to me and, as she already knew, greeted me by my female name, and I got down to business.

Fortunately for me it was an easy fix and I was out of the office and at the mall where we planned to meet right on time.

And S and I had a fun night (although the movie didn’t quite live up to expectations). I also got to tell her about Denise’s “big adventure” in the office to which she gawked and was amazed that I had the nerve to even think about it.

But as I said my bitches, I am passed giving out fucks. This is my life, and I’m living it for me!

And on that note my lovelies, I am out of here!



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