A Big Step Forward

February 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello my bitches! Today was a huge step forward for me! I had a follow-up meeting with the VP of HR for my company. In short, I have the green light and thumbs up to move forward with my plan to transition. Not that I had any doubts.

And, the meeting just confirmed what an amazing company I work for. To begin with I was told I have the full support of my company. Then followed a few questions from “legal”

  1. Will I prefer that my co-workers use male, female, or gender neutral pronouns?
  2. Will I transition gradually (some days male, some female) or transition all at once and just start working from that day out as Denise?
  3.  Will I change my name, or go by a different name?
  4. Will I want a new photo badge, and nameplate for my cube?
  5. And, the all important: Which restroom did I plan on using?

To me, questions two and five are related and I had thought about them for a while. For example, when I am out and about as Denise, I do use the lady’s room now. But, most of the places I go are single stall restrooms so it’s not a big issue. But at work it could be a different matter if one day I’m dressed in male attire, and the next female. I don’t think it fair to my co-workers to see me in the men’s room one day, and the ladies next. But, if I’ve fully transitioned, and coming to work as Denise every day, then that is a different matter.At that point I would have no qualms using the ladies room every day. Therefore, my answer was that my plan would be to complete a full switch: One day I’d come to work as my male presentation, talk to my team members, then the next work day (probably after a weekend) show up to work as Denise. And from that point on, use the ladies room.

And the first question (and the third) are related. I do prefer that my co-workers use female pronouns with me (she, her, etc). As for a name change, I still haven’t decided. Several co-workers already use my gender neutral moniker: D. That works, but in some sense it goes against my wish for co-workers to use female pronouns. At the same time, “D” is a cute nickname I can still use while officially going by Denise. Thoughts my bitches?

So now everything is in place at work and the pieces are moving. Next week I have my first session with a specialist in gender identity issues and I plan to see her fully dressed as Denise. Then, it’s more a matter of enough wardrobe and timing along with a plan (hopefully) blessed and approved by said therapist. If all goes well, I hope to walk into work on the first day of Spring (20 March) as Denise and never look back.

Ciao my bitches,


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