I Bought ’em!

February 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening bitches! Yes, I bought those boots! And ooh, they feel so wonderful!

I also got some new jeans (in the same pic) along with 2 new tops (pics to come soon). So there I am with my gorgeous new shoes and leg that won’t quit 😉

Other than that, it was another wonderful weekend where I’ve spent most of it as Denise. From the moment I woke up Saturday, through all day Sunday.

Started off with a drop-in at my salon to get my nails fixed. Then off to get the shoes. On the way we stopped at a bib-box store and did some shopping. That’s where I got the new jeans and the two tops. Oh, and walking into the women’s dressing room now is automatic. I take my clothes and I sashay right in there. I belong there. It is mine too!

Then a final stop at the shoe store. I had called ahead to make sure he had them in stock so when we got there it was just a matter of a final fitting. And as I walked in I told the owner that “I’m going to be wearing these out of here, just so you know”. I paid, and we walked out as I strutted my sexy ass up and down the sidewalk in the downtown area. We stopped at an old-fashioned burger joint and share some malts before heading back home.

Our original plan had been to see a movie but as it was sold out we just opted for dinner and to go home and chill and try again for the movie on Sunday.

So this morning, we were up, showered, and dressed for a date with me in my new jeans and boots. We’re even to the point now where we hold hands, kiss and flirt in public like we did before I started my transition.

After the movie my girlfriend went home and I ran my errands: Grocery shopping and then hanging out at my local watering hole.

So that’s two weekends in a row where I’ve been able to be myself. It’s close my bitches, that day where that’s me full-time. I can see the light.

For now, bed time and beauty rest my bitches!



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