Solo Night

February 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello again my bitches! Well, it was a solo night out for me tonight. Yeah, I know… Brave!

But I got home and didn’t want to sit around all night so I changed clothes and went to one of my favourite hang-outs for a sangria or two. And I did it all by myself: 20170209_211051no friends, no co-workers. Just me and my pink and black lace top and jeans.

And guess what my bitches? I had a great time!

I hadn’t been there in a while nor seen one of my favourite bartenders in forever. Therefore, when I walked in, she didn’t initially recognize me. But by the time I sat down she did and responded with a “Wow! I almost didn’t recognize you! You look amazing!”

Aside from that, the restaurant was rather full and there were only two seats at the bar and I had to check that a seat was actually available. (Yes, I had to speak to strangers!)

And, they were rather nice. They spoke to me a bit off and on and were friendly enough. But most of the time I spent talking with the bartender and my other friends who work there.

At one point, this girl had to use the powder room. But as this is becoming second nature, so I ordered one more sangria, grabbed my purse, and headed to the lady’s room to take care of business. And guess what my bitches? There was a line!

And this girl handled it no problem. As I walked up the last woman standing there informed me of the obvious “There’s a wait”.

I told her I could tell and just took my place along the wall with her. We spoke a few words, idle chat, about how busy the place was, then it was her turn. She waved, walked into the room, and it was my turn to stand there. And finally it was my turn. I did “my thing” and returned across the restaurant to my place at the bar. Looking back, it didn’t really dawn on me how many people I had to pass to get from my seat, to the lady’s room, and then back to my seat. And what hit me was, that I didn’t really notice or care how many there were or if they were staring, gawking etc. I was just doing my thing and being me and enjoying myself.

And on that note, my bitches, I am done. This girl is tired and needs to go to bed.

So until next time,



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