Towards Full-Time Follow-Up

February 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

Evening bitches! Well, make me promise to never blog again when I am tired . Yesterday’s post on Full Time in the Future was NOT what I intended, rambled way to much, or got bogged down in detail. Where I meant to go with it was a statement that I am moving towards full-time as Denise.

To that end, I’m living as myself now close to 50% of the time, specially going back to last week. Going back to Tuesday when I went shopping after work through today I’ve been Denise and dressed as such except for work.

On weekdays, since I usually wear a good base of foundation and my daily wear, it’s quick and easy to change and transition to Denise once I get home. So after 8 hours at work I have a good 6 hours at home, shopping, dinner, etc.

Then there was the weekend where I was dressed from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to bed. That was a good 24 hours as Denise and I can say it was pure bliss.

And tonight was a session with my regular therapist. As such, came home, changed into my new jeans, grey sweater, pink pumps, a new necklace and I was off to see the counselor. It was my first time to see her as Denise since my last session where I came out as transgender and it was a good session. I honestly believe she was as happy to see me Denise as I was to be there.

While I still have some doubts about who I am, she seemed to reassure me that those doubts are natural. On the other hand, her most poignant comment, and one I’ve heard from several co-workers, was about how comfortable, and at ease I was. That, she said, was her basis that no matter where I am on the gender spectrum was proof for her that I belong as Denise and that’s who I am.

On that note my bitches I am signing off before I start to ramble or get off topic.

Until next time,



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