Happy Hour and Coming Out

February 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello my bitches! Who has tow thumbs, a sexy, sassy attitude, and is ready to party? This girl!

Just a quick mid-day post because, well, I’m working from home, dressed and having lunch! And I’m excited about tonight! We’re having a team happy hour to celebrate Groundhog Day and making it half-way through Winter.

I’ve spoken to a few co-workers and let them know that Denise will be going tonight, not D. To that end, since I’m working from home, I got dressed mostly already and have been 20170202_124322sitting at my desk in my home office. And this is the outfit of the day (it’s one of the blouses I bought the other night while shopping). What do you think my bitches? This isn’t what I will wear this evening as it’s cold as fuck out there! But, I thought it looked good for “a day at the office”.

I did text it to one co-worker and got an amazing response: “My god you’re stunning!”

Now I hope to stun at happy hour later!

Until then, ciao bitches!


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