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“D-Day” Part 1

February 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello again my bitches! Well, it’s been a day. A “D-Day” to be exact. And the first of many I hope.

To begin with, I had my first session with the gender identity therapist. And I got up, put on my skinny jeans, one of my new blouses, and my pink pumps and off I went. It was a good session but a lot of it was background, and though process leading up to where I am today. She was a good listener and provided a lot of support. In the end, she decided, based on my where I am and how I got there, is that she would be more of a sounding board and progress meter as you will.

After the session I stopped off at a boutique that specializes in apparel for the trans and cross-dressing community as I was looking for breast forms. This girl needs a bit of help upstairs f you know what I mean my bitches 🙂

The sales person was very helpful and with her assistance I selected a size 11 silicon form. That translates to about a size 46-B. It seemed to fit my body shape and size and it looked so natural. The only problem was that they could only find the left one. They had the box for the right side but it was empty. So I left them my contact info and they were going to continue looking or re-order another pair and call me back when they come in. So, I left empty-handed as it were.

Then, my bitches, it was off for more clothes shopping! I am really looking for a denim skirt to go with my boots or a few of my tops. A girl can’t have clothes, am I right?? I stopped at 4 different stores to no avail. I guess it’s still a bit early for that attire.

But amidst all that I realized I had the day off to myself, I’m dressed as Denise, and just having fun. It was “Denise’s Day Out”!

And that brings me to the definition of what I now see as the true “D-Day”: the day I fully transition into Denis full-time. So while this was “part-1”, the next “D-Day” will be the day I say good-bye to my old life and welcome my new self. I may even consider celebrating it as a second birthday.

That’s it for tonight my bitches,



An “Outing” Outing

February 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening my bitches! I hope everyone is still doing well! I know I am 🙂

Well, another interesting and fun outing tonight! I and my co-worker S had plans to go see a movie tonight. And, as is becoming the norm, dressed as Denise.

We finalized our plans at work and I left to go home around 5:00 PM and we were to meet at the theater, have a quick bite and a drink at 6:30, then on to the show at 7:30. And, as is typical with well laid plans, they took a slight detour.

It wasn’t long after I arrived home and started changing that I received a text from the on-call rotation that one of my critical jobs had failed. And, as the on-call DBA wasn’t home their estimate was that they couldn’t investigate until after 7:00 PM which puts some mission critical reporting data at risk.

I only live 10 minutes from the office so it made more sense for me to go investigate the failure, and fix if necessary, rather than wait until after 7:00. But therein lies my quandary: I’m half-dressed. I had taken off my jeans and polo and had already donned my stockings, camisole, skinny jeans, and pink pumps. And, I was half-way through touching up my make-up (adding a little evening glam as it were). So… I could either finish dressing and make-up and go into the office as Denise, or I could take everything off, put my “man-clothes” back on, and go in. But if I did the latter I wouldn’t get to spend the evening as Denise. And, I figured it would take more time to remove my evening make-up and change clothes back that it might put the evening in jeopardy.

So I decided that since quite a few people at work already know of my transition (and most likely a few more will find out Wednesday at Happy Hour, and that I will be coming out fully anyway in a few weeks, that what the fuck, I’m going to finish getting dressed.

After I had made that decision I was out the door and headed back to the office as Denise. I actually felt a little bit of excitement and, honestly, I didn’t give  fuck!

I pulled into a spot right in front of the door, grabbed my employee badge, and my purse, and strode right into the office and to my cubicle. I saw a few people still there and only one said hi to me and, as she already knew, greeted me by my female name, and I got down to business.

Fortunately for me it was an easy fix and I was out of the office and at the mall where we planned to meet right on time.

And S and I had a fun night (although the movie didn’t quite live up to expectations). I also got to tell her about Denise’s “big adventure” in the office to which she gawked and was amazed that I had the nerve to even think about it.

But as I said my bitches, I am passed giving out fucks. This is my life, and I’m living it for me!

And on that note my lovelies, I am out of here!


Hello there my bitches and happy post Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone received the day they hoped for!

As for me, I got a cute surprise at work. I had been at one meeting early and then stopped by my boss’s office to give him a few updates and status on some items my team is working on. When I got back to my desk, I found the a flower and card next to my keyboard (see featured image).

And no my bitches, I do not have a secret admirer (nor do I want one). It turned out the card and flower was from one of our tier 1 support personnel. Inside the envelope was a card shaped like a piece of toast and on it she wrote that I was “her jam” and that she couldn’t wait to meet Denise in person. I can’t begin to tell you how that made me feel. For one, that I have such a supportive company, is immensely huge. And second, that I have co-workers who care enough that they are eager to meet my new self.

I walked over to tell her thank you, and that it DID mean a lot to me. She just gave me a big hug and said “I take care of my girls”.

And on that note my bitches, I am out of here tonight.

Ciao my lovely bitches!

A Big Step Forward

February 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello my bitches! Today was a huge step forward for me! I had a follow-up meeting with the VP of HR for my company. In short, I have the green light and thumbs up to move forward with my plan to transition. Not that I had any doubts.

And, the meeting just confirmed what an amazing company I work for. To begin with I was told I have the full support of my company. Then followed a few questions from “legal”

  1. Will I prefer that my co-workers use male, female, or gender neutral pronouns?
  2. Will I transition gradually (some days male, some female) or transition all at once and just start working from that day out as Denise?
  3.  Will I change my name, or go by a different name?
  4. Will I want a new photo badge, and nameplate for my cube?
  5. And, the all important: Which restroom did I plan on using?

To me, questions two and five are related and I had thought about them for a while. For example, when I am out and about as Denise, I do use the lady’s room now. But, most of the places I go are single stall restrooms so it’s not a big issue. But at work it could be a different matter if one day I’m dressed in male attire, and the next female. I don’t think it fair to my co-workers to see me in the men’s room one day, and the ladies next. But, if I’ve fully transitioned, and coming to work as Denise every day, then that is a different matter.At that point I would have no qualms using the ladies room every day. Therefore, my answer was that my plan would be to complete a full switch: One day I’d come to work as my male presentation, talk to my team members, then the next work day (probably after a weekend) show up to work as Denise. And from that point on, use the ladies room.

And the first question (and the third) are related. I do prefer that my co-workers use female pronouns with me (she, her, etc). As for a name change, I still haven’t decided. Several co-workers already use my gender neutral moniker: D. That works, but in some sense it goes against my wish for co-workers to use female pronouns. At the same time, “D” is a cute nickname I can still use while officially going by Denise. Thoughts my bitches?

So now everything is in place at work and the pieces are moving. Next week I have my first session with a specialist in gender identity issues and I plan to see her fully dressed as Denise. Then, it’s more a matter of enough wardrobe and timing along with a plan (hopefully) blessed and approved by said therapist. If all goes well, I hope to walk into work on the first day of Spring (20 March) as Denise and never look back.

Ciao my bitches,

I Bought ’em!

February 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening bitches! Yes, I bought those boots! And ooh, they feel so wonderful!

I also got some new jeans (in the same pic) along with 2 new tops (pics to come soon). So there I am with my gorgeous new shoes and leg that won’t quit 😉

Other than that, it was another wonderful weekend where I’ve spent most of it as Denise. From the moment I woke up Saturday, through all day Sunday.

Started off with a drop-in at my salon to get my nails fixed. Then off to get the shoes. On the way we stopped at a bib-box store and did some shopping. That’s where I got the new jeans and the two tops. Oh, and walking into the women’s dressing room now is automatic. I take my clothes and I sashay right in there. I belong there. It is mine too!

Then a final stop at the shoe store. I had called ahead to make sure he had them in stock so when we got there it was just a matter of a final fitting. And as I walked in I told the owner that “I’m going to be wearing these out of here, just so you know”. I paid, and we walked out as I strutted my sexy ass up and down the sidewalk in the downtown area. We stopped at an old-fashioned burger joint and share some malts before heading back home.

Our original plan had been to see a movie but as it was sold out we just opted for dinner and to go home and chill and try again for the movie on Sunday.

So this morning, we were up, showered, and dressed for a date with me in my new jeans and boots. We’re even to the point now where we hold hands, kiss and flirt in public like we did before I started my transition.

After the movie my girlfriend went home and I ran my errands: Grocery shopping and then hanging out at my local watering hole.

So that’s two weekends in a row where I’ve been able to be myself. It’s close my bitches, that day where that’s me full-time. I can see the light.

For now, bed time and beauty rest my bitches!


Solo Night

February 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello again my bitches! Well, it was a solo night out for me tonight. Yeah, I know… Brave!

But I got home and didn’t want to sit around all night so I changed clothes and went to one of my favourite hang-outs for a sangria or two. And I did it all by myself: 20170209_211051no friends, no co-workers. Just me and my pink and black lace top and jeans.

And guess what my bitches? I had a great time!

I hadn’t been there in a while nor seen one of my favourite bartenders in forever. Therefore, when I walked in, she didn’t initially recognize me. But by the time I sat down she did and responded with a “Wow! I almost didn’t recognize you! You look amazing!”

Aside from that, the restaurant was rather full and there were only two seats at the bar and I had to check that a seat was actually available. (Yes, I had to speak to strangers!)

And, they were rather nice. They spoke to me a bit off and on and were friendly enough. But most of the time I spent talking with the bartender and my other friends who work there.

At one point, this girl had to use the powder room. But as this is becoming second nature, so I ordered one more sangria, grabbed my purse, and headed to the lady’s room to take care of business. And guess what my bitches? There was a line!

And this girl handled it no problem. As I walked up the last woman standing there informed me of the obvious “There’s a wait”.

I told her I could tell and just took my place along the wall with her. We spoke a few words, idle chat, about how busy the place was, then it was her turn. She waved, walked into the room, and it was my turn to stand there. And finally it was my turn. I did “my thing” and returned across the restaurant to my place at the bar. Looking back, it didn’t really dawn on me how many people I had to pass to get from my seat, to the lady’s room, and then back to my seat. And what hit me was, that I didn’t really notice or care how many there were or if they were staring, gawking etc. I was just doing my thing and being me and enjoying myself.

And on that note, my bitches, I am done. This girl is tired and needs to go to bed.

So until next time,


Girl’s Night In

February 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Sigh my bitches, this girl is tired tonight. And, as promised, no rambling, long-winded, post tonight. Just me in sweats and a cute t-shirt.

Unfortunately I’ve spent most of my night working from home which just added to my exhausting day. So no girl talk, no make-up or latest clothing talk. I’m just one tired girl.

That said, there are a few things that I feel like I should write about but I just don’t have the energy. But, look for these topics coming soon.

  • Texas’ first trans mayor
  • More on bathroom bills and equal treatment
  • The Boy Scouts recent decision to allow trans boys

In the meantime, I just wanted to give my bitches a shout-out and say that I appreciate all my followers very much.

Ciao my lovelies,

Evening bitches! Well, make me promise to never blog again when I am tired . Yesterday’s post on Full Time in the Future was NOT what I intended, rambled way to much, or got bogged down in detail. Where I meant to go with it was a statement that I am moving towards full-time as Denise.

To that end, I’m living as myself now close to 50% of the time, specially going back to last week. Going back to Tuesday when I went shopping after work through today I’ve been Denise and dressed as such except for work.

On weekdays, since I usually wear a good base of foundation and my daily wear, it’s quick and easy to change and transition to Denise once I get home. So after 8 hours at work I have a good 6 hours at home, shopping, dinner, etc.

Then there was the weekend where I was dressed from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to bed. That was a good 24 hours as Denise and I can say it was pure bliss.

And tonight was a session with my regular therapist. As such, came home, changed into my new jeans, grey sweater, pink pumps, a new necklace and I was off to see the counselor. It was my first time to see her as Denise since my last session where I came out as transgender and it was a good session. I honestly believe she was as happy to see me Denise as I was to be there.

While I still have some doubts about who I am, she seemed to reassure me that those doubts are natural. On the other hand, her most poignant comment, and one I’ve heard from several co-workers, was about how comfortable, and at ease I was. That, she said, was her basis that no matter where I am on the gender spectrum was proof for her that I belong as Denise and that’s who I am.

On that note my bitches I am signing off before I start to ramble or get off topic.

Until next time,


Good evening my bitches! Or, good night (it’s even late here).

Well, what a weekend, actually longer, towards life full-time life as Denise. First, let me follow-up with the Groundhog Day happy hour. Let’s just say I was beaming.

I shut down a little after 4:00 PM, touched up my make-up and changed from the pale pink blouse with black lace on the sides, to a grey turtleneck sweater over the floral pencil skirt, and donned my new pink pumps. I would have loved to wear the other top but it was 18 degrees outside and that pink blouse is sleeveless!

When I arrived at the bar my co-worker L and her boyfriend were there already. I walked in and received a loving “Denise, you made it!” along with a warm hug from L. I sat down at the bar and the waitress slid right up “What can I get you ladies?” I’m smiling on the inside and just feeling warm all over despite the cold. Shortly after my former co-worker M arrives. She walks in, looks around and sees L, then her eyes widen in a giant smile and comes over for another huge hug. And the night just kept up. Good friends, accepting me, letting me be the girl I am. We all had a wonderful time, lots of hugs all around.

I ordered a pizza to be delivered to the bar (it’s actually a distillery and as such doesn’t have a license to server food) and took it home to my girlfriend. She was sick and couldn’t make it so I just went and had my fun. And that’s where it gets even better. She had let herself into my flat and got cozy while I was at happy hour. So, I get home in my new outfit, walk in give her hugs and kisses and start getting undressed as if this has been my whole life. Off comes the wig, then the sweater and heels. I’m standing at the vanity in pantyhose and camisole taking off my make-up. Just another day in the life 🙂

Friday wasn’t much to write about. Just work then a quiet evening at home while my girlfriend tried to recoup. But Saturday…

We had originally planned for our salon day together Wednesday after work. But since she wasn’t feeling well I went and got my nails done and rescheduled Y for Saturday morning. We had discussed plans for shopping and since I wanted to be dressed, I said it made sense for me to go with her to the salon as Denise. So, up and at ’em Saturday morning. I get dressed in my black pencil skirt and that same grey sweater I wore Thursday for happy hour.

The salon was pretty boring. We sat and chatted while she was getting her nails done and then I moved to the massage chair for some relaxation time. It was about lunch when she was finished so off to a diner for food: her with her new nails, me in my Saturday “business” suit. Not much to tell other than us girls having fun and food. Then, off to big box store number one so I could try and find a decent purse at a reasonable price to replace my tiny clutch.While there I also found a few accessories like more earrings, and two necklaces.

We dropped our first purchases off at my flat and were back at it. This time, to a different big box retailer. This one catering more towards clothing in general. We both shopped around for a while and we had picked out several outfits  to try on so off to the dressing room (we each chose separate stalls). One of my most amazing picks was a pair of skinny jeans to go with several of my tops. I had done some online shopping to try and get an estimate for sizing in jeans. I was not happy. Based on my current men’s jean and comparable sizing charts I figured I was going to be a 24 in women’s. And that’s what size I started with. Much to my surprise they were big! And way big! I went back out and found a pair of 20’s and 22’s and back to the fitting room. I started with the 20’s thinking I’d go low, then come back up. Guess what bitches? The 20’s were big so back out again! In the end, I wound up with a 16 skinny jeans! And even then those were  a bit big!

We finally finished and headed out with our purchases and back to my flat where I changed into those newly bought jeans and top and we’re off to dinner: two sexy ladies out on the town!

There’s a lot more, particularly for Sunday, but it’s late and I’m tired. I’ll recap the rest om Monday. Until then check out the featured pick with one of my purchases.

Ciao my lovelies!

Hello my bitches! Who has tow thumbs, a sexy, sassy attitude, and is ready to party? This girl!

Just a quick mid-day post because, well, I’m working from home, dressed and having lunch! And I’m excited about tonight! We’re having a team happy hour to celebrate Groundhog Day and making it half-way through Winter.

I’ve spoken to a few co-workers and let them know that Denise will be going tonight, not D. To that end, since I’m working from home, I got dressed mostly already and have been 20170202_124322sitting at my desk in my home office. And this is the outfit of the day (it’s one of the blouses I bought the other night while shopping). What do you think my bitches? This isn’t what I will wear this evening as it’s cold as fuck out there! But, I thought it looked good for “a day at the office”.

I did text it to one co-worker and got an amazing response: “My god you’re stunning!”

Now I hope to stun at happy hour later!

Until then, ciao bitches!