My Bitches, My Tribe

January 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening my bitches! (More on that later). But for now, let me say that Denise is loving life!

Tonight, a co-worker and I met for dinner, drinks and a movie. And by “met” I mean I went to work as D, came home and changed into a pencil skirt, blouse, and my new Mary Jane’s, put on my wig and some evening wear make-up then went to a restaurant for light dinner and drinks before going to see M. Knight Shyamalan’s Split.

I arrived a few minutes before her and walked straight to the bar, strutting my sassy ass, head up. (FYI, this was the first time being dressed at this particular establishment which is a well-known and popular chain restaurant). The bar was full when I walked in so I grabbed a spot a the community table. And I didn’t have to wait long. My friend/co-worker arrived within 5 minutes and I saw her walk through the door.

I had told her beforehand that she would be meeting Denise there and even asked her today “Pink pumps or black Mary Jane’s?” She looked at the photos on my phone and said “Mary Jane’s”.

It was a bit amusing watching her look for me. I had texted her that I was at the community table so I watched as she scanned the bar area looking for me. I finally raised my hand and waved and even then it took a moment for it to register that it was me.

She walked over with a huge smile saying how she didn’t recognize me at all and how amazing I looked. I think one of her most poignant comments was that “if I didn’t already know you as D, and had just met you, I would have a hard time telling that you were not a woman”. I think that means a few things. First, that this IS the real me and that comes through. And second, that I must be doing something right with make-up, clothes, and dress 😉

We talked for about an hour and had some light dinner. She was amazed at how at ease and natural I looked and acted. And, it really did feel amazing to be out again, being myself.

I won’t bore everyone with all the details the rest of the evening. We just had good conversation, girl talk, shop talk, and more, and then went to the movies. In the end, I can only reiterate that I know I am where I belong and that I am now thinking of hastening my timeline to transitioning full-time to Denise. My limiting factor is just obtaining enough wardrobe to sustain me for a week of work plus the weekends.

Now, onto other matters my bitches! And it pertains to that phrase I use for my readers and followers. As was pointed out in a comment from the other day, I do not (as I hope everyone understands) use it derogatorily. Rather, I use it as a sense of tribe, or oneness. I hope you, my not-so-gentle readers, understand that.

I use it because I feel, as readers and followers, that you understand me and where I am coming from not matter what continent, walk of life, or circumstance brought you to me journey (and me to yours).

And on that note, my bitches, I bid everyone good night, bon nuit, buenos noches, dobre vechir, and shub shaam.





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