Hello Denise!

January 30, 2017 — 1 Comment

Hello my bitches! Good to see everyone again!

What a happy ending to the weekend! To start (or finish), I received the lovely “Hello Denise!” greeting from my laptop when I logged in via camera 🙂 My computer knows me!

Second, this girl got some new shoes this weekend! I found an amazing shoe store that caters to dancers, burlesque performers, and the trans/cross-dressing community. I bought a pair of pink pumps and a pair of black Mary Jane’s.  Here there are on my desk, and on my feet.

20170129_164734 20170129_171552
20170129_172220 20170129_172753

I also found a fabulous pair of boots! I want, want, want, want want!!!! They fit and feel simply amazing. whitelaceupbootI feel like that old kitchen faucet commercial (the couple brings in a pull out faucet to the architect and says “Build us a house around this”). That is, I want them so badly I starting to build a wardrobe around them! I’m thinking denim skirt, cute white top for one outfit. Or, a red sweater dress I saw on Long Tall Sally, with black tights. What are your thoughts my bitches What would YOU wear with these boots?

Until next time,



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    Talk about cute shoes! i am jealous!

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