Poker Night

January 28, 2017 — 3 Comments

Good morning bitches! Friday was just awesome! I had my phone consult with the potential therapist who specializes in LGBT and gender identity issues and already have my first physical appointment with her in a few weeks. Hooray!

And then there was poker night! I got off a bit late from work, rushed home, redid my make-up (more like touched it up for evening wear), and changed. I was back out the door in under 45 minutes and raring ready to go! What do you think bitches, did I do justice with my poker/resting bitch face? 😉 restingbitchfaceI did well at poker, had a blast and enjoyed every minute as Denise. And, in my opinion, it’s evenings, days, etc, when I’m dressed and can be me and feel happy and free that I know this is the real me.

Ta ta for now bitches!


3 responses to Poker Night


    You have a unique style of writing but somehow i am drawn to every one of your posts.



      Thank you Kevin? What about it makes it unique? And why are you drawn to it?



        You begin your post with a pretty blunt greeting. i have been called a bitch by one of my students (quite frankly i considered it a compliment though that wasn’t his intent). Not many writers are good enough at their craft to do that without offending their readers but what you did for me somehow is to bring me to your reading. When i read it i felt such warmth even as you called your readers’ bitches twice more in your post. i will not miss your posts. By they way your make-up is perfect, you look beautiful!

        Somehow being called a bitch by you makes this reader feel wonderful. i am not one who likes to be insulted but the way you use the word it’s not an insult. (((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))


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