Catch 22

January 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening (or morning) my bitches wherever you are! First off, this girl has found some sass! It started at work today as I started coming out to select co-workers about upcoming changes in my life. All were very supportive šŸ™‚ One, a close friend that I hang out with frequently after work (happy hours, movies, etc), and who tends to text me at midnight with stuff like “I hate men!” was totally amazing as we talked. I showed her some recent pictures and she gasped! “I can’t believe that’s you! It doesn’t look anything like you!” And, “Is that photo shopped or some filter because your make-up looks so smooth. You look 20 years younger”.

I smiled and said no, it’s just a just a normal selfie with no filter, in normal lights. Then it hit me: “Don’t hate me because my make-up skills are flawless!”

She almost laughed her ass off and said “well, you got the sassy bitch part down already” šŸ™‚

Now on to more serious stuff…

Anyone of you bitches ever ready Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22”? If not, the premise goes like this: You can’t get out of the military unless you’re insane. It’s not insane to want to stop flying suicide missions over Germany so that’s not an excuse. So Sergeant Yossarian keeps volunteering to fly missions because… only insane people would want to fly more missions.

Well, that seems to be where I am in life. I am ready to change, to become Denise full-time. But, I need a wardrobe. I have 2 skirts, 3 blouses, and 3 dresses. Of those items, the skirts barely fit. Two of the blouses fit but one is really a summer top (it’s going to snow tomorrow), one now has a rip in the seam down the side, one the other barely fits. Of the 3 dresses, of the 2 that fit best, only one looks good with my “one-dimensional” shape. The other is just way too tight to wear anywhere. And therein lies my dilemma. I need more clothes for work etc, but first I need clothes to go out and shop in. 2601951_black_chevronI have some ideas for online purchases(see right), but I’m concerned that without trying them on they won’t fit. What’s a girl to do?

One day at a time my bitches, one day at a time…denise


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