Mixed (but good so far) Weekend

January 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hi there bitches, having a wonderful weekend? I hope so!

As for me, most of the day has been sitting here staring at my screen for hours trying to decide what to write. Then, taking  break doing some laundry, then staring a t the screen. Every time I sat down I couldn’t think of what to write about. It feels like there are a million things swirling around in my head and they all seem of some importance, but then… where to start. For one, it’s been an a bit of an emotional weekend so far. However, I’m at a point where I can write about that portion yet.

But, after an evening with friends (yes, this party gurl just got home 😉 ) I have some ideas and they are all positive.

For starters, and I mentioned some good things in my previous post “Next Steps” and that I would follow up on them later. Well, it’s later now bitches!

I guess the first thing, and in some ways it’s really cool and definitely an affirmation about myself, is my computer and how I logon. I have a fairly new laptop, I bought it last Fall, and it implements a bio-metric logon using face  recognition. I set it up and configured it as my masculine persona, D. Well my bitches, guess what happened when I sat in front of the computer as Denise? It did’t recognize me! I had to switch to PIN and password in order to login. Not that big of a deal but still frustrating. So on my work from home day Thursday, where I put on full make-up, clothes, and wig, I signed in as D, and added a second account. Then, I set the sign-on process to use Windows “Hello” and camera, which took a separate picture for Denise. Now, I open the laptop, the camera turns on and I get “Hello Denise!” I can’t tell you how good that feels 🙂 Warm fuzzy’s all over!

The other really positive for the weekend (so far. There IS all of Sunday to go) was the evening I had with friends. Tonight was our regular league night for the poker club I am in. And the wife of the person who runs the league is the one who sent me the Boy X Boy cartoon last Sunday. So I decided to go en-femme, and as Denise. And I struggled with it all afternoon. I wanted to go, but my clothes still are a bit snug, and don’t fit well. And, the ones that do fit fairly well, don’t look right as they are designed for how shall I say it… People with more bosom than I possess. That makes them appear flat and one dimensional and not as flattering in my opinion.

So as usual, I started on my make-up with the “I’ll just throw on some concealer and foundation, maybe a little powder, and call it good” approach. However, as I’ve noticed quite a bit recently, it never stops there. Before I know it I’m moving on to my liner, shadow, brows and mascara. And, if I’m at home, lip liner and lipstick.

I had all my make-up applied in 20 minutes and decided to try on the wig to see how the complete look turned out. Well my bitches, that was all it took. I was looking good! In fact, check out the featured image for today’s blog bitches!

As I’ve bee wearing my tights and panties underneath my jeans for the last few weeks anyway, it didn’t take much for me to switch, pull on a short pencil skirt and baby blue v-neck blouse, and my kitten heel black sandals. Ta da bitches! Denise is going out!

My league seems very accepting of me (of course, 4 of the members work with me and have seen me with make-up on before). Everyone was polite, and talked to me as if nothing was any different. I did request on member not use my male name, and that either D (the gender neutral moniker) or Denise. He was totally cool and said sure D, no problem, I didn’t know.

After I got knocked out, I spent a good hour having “girl talk” with the wife and hostess of the league, sharing how I felt, how much I appreciated her support, and the like. It’s nights and events like this that are uplifting and affirmative, and that support that I am who I am. I am Denise, and I am trans! I love me 🙂

Good night bitches!


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