I am Trans

January 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

There, I said it bitches. The signs have all been there and I recognize them. My friends knew it. My co-workers knew it. The universe knew it. Now I know it.

I think I’ve been thinking it in my mind for awhile now. But somehow saying it out loud makes it real. I’m accepting it. And I can say it out loud: “I am trans”.

I was lucky enough to have an end-of-day session with my therapist today and go over all the signs, signals, and messages I’ve been receiving. She’s very good in the “give you the full hour you paid for” department and not the “50 minutes, times up” like many others do. And tonight, we went well over 90 minutes. And now I can say it out loud “I am trans”.

And I am at peace with it. All the tension and anxiety leading up to tonight’s session is gone.I am ready to begin the next steps on my journey as Denise. I don’t know what those steps are yet, and I know there is still a lot of things I need to resolve, but with her help, and the help of a counselor that specializes in gender identity, I know I will find peace and I am ready to take those steps.

Wish me luck my bitches.

Hugs, denise


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