Daily Wear Update

January 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

Good evening bitches! I hope it’s warm where you are. Last I checked it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit with about 4″ of snow on the ground. But enough of that, it’s daily wear sample time.

I think I’m finding my color and style for my daily wear. It’s light, and nice and clean in my opinion. What do you think?20161223_224012

My foundation is Cover Girl “tru Blend” in either the L6 or M2 shades. I’ve refined this over the last 6 months gradually decreasing the “M” shade and increasing the “L” shade. I believe I had started off with L3 and M6. The lighter L shades were just too pale and gave me a washed out look even with a darker concealer. Conversely, the darker M shades were too orange even with a lighter concealer.

After the “tru Blend” I follow-up with Cover Girl’s “Ready Set Gorgeous”. Just like the foundation, I’ve adjusted over the months and have settled with the 205 shade. Sometimes, if I want a more porcelain look, I’ll drop down to the 120. I’ve found it’s a nice compliment to the L6 without going ashen grey, or coming off with a Casper the Ghost look. And that’s the base for today’s daily wear look.

After that base, I apply my liner. It’s taken a bit of trial and error and I’ve found that moving on to that before I  apply any powder has been much more effective. I swear I dried out 3 eye liner pens in my attempts to apply the liner after I had applied any powder.

And, my liner routine involves 2 to 3 items. First, I use they Stila liquid pencil. It has a nice broad tip and I use it to make a series of dots from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. Next, I start filling in with the MAC liquid pencil by connecting the dots.It’s tip is much finer and I feel like I have better control. Then, once I have the lash line connected I add my cat-eye, or wings and connect to the outer dot at the edge of my eye. Lastly, I fill in any gaps with a Maybelline “Master Precise” liner pen. In my opinion it’s in between the fine point of the MAC pen and the broad tip of the Stila pen.

With all that complete, now I’m ready for my powders 20170104_195516First, I start with MAC Devil Satin blush. I use that to give my cheeks their definition, then I brush it lightly around my jaw and forehead for contouring. I also apply a light coat on my eye lids as a color foundation for later. I then blend with MAC Light Plus mineralizing powder.

Once that is all blended I’m ready to finish up with my eyes. For this look I used Loréal “Colour riche” palette in 116 Haute Hazel. And, I only use the base lid 20170104_195715 copper color. I apply it with a soft brush from the lid to the brow and blend with the MAC blush to tone down the orange color. I finish off with a soft eyelid blender brush and blend again with the Light Plus mineralizing powder. If I’m feeling a bit more bold I’ll use a definer brush and apply the blue lid tint to the lower lash line as well.

So, what do you think bitches? Do I have it down? Let me know!

For now, it’s time to remove everything, wash my face with Josie Maran Argan oil of Morocco.

Goodnight and ciao my lovelies,


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