A change for 2017

January 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

Today’s topic, bitches, is about change! It can be good, it can be neutral, or it can be bad. Those outcomes, however, are based on the perception of those experiencing that change.

To start with, I’m changing the look of my blog. For myself, I feel this is a good experience. From my perspective, the original WordPress theme was limiting. I honestly didn’t like that the widgets were in the footer. That mean that you, my (not-so) gentle readers, were forced to read to the bottom to find the like, follow, or comment buttons. From a user experience perspective, readers should have all the web or application controls and widgets needed to browse, comment, the like, nearby without having to scroll or look around for them. On that note, my bitches, let me know if, from your perspective, this change is good, neutral, or bad.

The second topic around change is much more serious. It’s regarding National Geographic’s January 2017 cover story on the Gender Revolution. The story, as reported by USA Today, features a 9-year old transgender girl, Avery, on their cover.

From my point of view, this is a good change. It is putting the topic of gender identity more into the public eye, and challenging many existing norms and stereotypes. As Robin Marantz Henig notes in one story from this issue

“Many of us learned in high school biology that sex chromosomes determine a baby’s sex, full stop: XX means it’s a girl; XY means it’s a boy. But on occasion, XX and XY don’t tell the whole story”

But what does this mean? It means that we, as a race, are just really beginning to unravel what makes us human. And, as the editor of National Geographic explains in a note on why they opted for this story “beliefs about gender are shifting rapidly and radically”.

For some, this type of change is not being perceived in a positive light. It is challenging their social, and religious, ideology. How can one rationalize a belief system that is binary in nature (good/evil, man/woman, male/female, etc) when presented with non-binary  types (intersex, transgender)?

As I discussed with my mother over Christmas, it’s not easy. I tried a thought experiment with her along these lines: If God created people in his image, didn’t he create intersex, and transgender people this way (I went on as well about gay, lesbian, etc). And if he created them, and since “science” is proving more and more that people are born this way, doesn’t that mean they are part of God, that God created them gay, lesbian, trans, as well and deserve love and compassion?

Her response sort of defied logic: “God created man and woman. If they are born gay, or trans, then Satan made them that way and they can pray, ask forgiveness, and return to how God created them”.

And that, my bitches, is why I applaud NatGeo for publishing this special issue: Let’s get these topics more out in the open so people can understand non-binary types. Let’s get the dialogue moving (hopefully) in a more positive light and acceptance.

One last favor to my readers. First off, be an ally to any LGBTQ friends or family you know. Let them know you support them. Secondly, please sound off on my blog with your thoughts and comments.

Signing off for tonight my lovelies,



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