Happy Holidays Are Over!

December 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

Whew! (Or heavy sigh, take your pick my lovelies).

Yes, they are over. I made it through! (Did you?) I had my last family obligations today and it went… Ok, I made it through.

I got over my trepidation and nervousness and decided for closer to my normal daily wear. That is (besides my foundation, concealer, and powder) I opted for eye liner (top and bottom) with a small cat eye corner, and dark grey shadow with my dark orange MAC blush powder as an accent color.

My sister was the first to notice which was not surprising. But it was a nonchalant “Oh, you’ve got make-up on today” type of thing. I gave her a quick “Yep, feeling festive” response and we moved on. My brother, the ultraconservative Christian, snickered and made a comment, but we soon moved on. I caught him snickering or giving me weird grins later on as if he were mocking me. But hey, I don’t do this for him or anyone else. He can keep his narrow minded opinion.

Then, about an hour and a half into lunch, he left and I swapped places so I could sit directly across from my sister and talk. We were having a good conversation when the first bomb dropped from my mom: “When did you turn away from God?” <Insert crickets chirping>

It had actually started a bit earlier when she gave me a Christian necklace with a Bible verse on it. I looked at it and thanked her. As I was putting it back in the box she asked if I would wear it. I ignored it and pretended I didn’t hear it. But when the question came up later about turning away from God, she brought it up again. “Are you going to wear it”?

Aside from the tackiness of asking if someone is going to wear something you bought them for a gift, how does one respond? I thought about asking her “If I bought you a pentagram, would you wear that”?

Fortunately I was spared from answering her as that’s when my brother decided to leave and I changed places. Not long afterward she brought it up again “Are you going to wear it”?

I was thinking about how to answer when she followed up with the “when did you turn from God question” among several others. At least these were easier questions to answer although awkward because of how she can’t fathom an atheist. I deflected this time with the standard “I thought it wasn’t polite to discuss religion or politics” statement.

By this time though, the full awkwardness has settled in like fog over London. I looked at my sister and said “we should talk later”. My mom took that as the hint that lunch was through and we began to wrap up and leave. That’s when she noticed my make-up and commented. At least it wasn’t a derogatory or malicious comment and I remarked that I just like to wear it and it allows me to be more artistic and express myself. She looked stunned and didn’t press any further.

Later, my sister and I met for drinks and a good, deep talk. She and I are in a good place and were able to be real, and honest with each other. We both respect each other and have similar beliefs about people and how we should treat those around us. Hint: It’s with respect for everyone’s lifestyle, views, and opinions.

So now I’m back at my hotel, drained emotionally, and tired. I got through it and my family obligations. And that, my lovelies, is why I prefer to spend time with the family I choose, over my biological family.




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