An Exciting Weekend

November 29, 2016 — Leave a comment

Yes, bitches, I am back! And this girl is sassy!

As I mentioned in my previous post the last year has been one of change. While there has been a lot of negative energy in it, there has also been a lot of really good energy as well. Aside from my divorce, the last few months have been extremely positive.

For one, my workplace has been very supportive. Look at the ways I’ve been experimenting and, yes, even wearing different shades of shadow and eyeliner to work.

20161127_221643 20161127_211330 20161102_212722 20161020_082845

It doesn’t seem to matter what I wear to work, how I “express myself”. Each day I arrive I am treated no different from last week, last month, last year. The team members I lead, manage, and mentor treat me with the same respect and courtesy they always have. I lead meetings, I get questions, I’m asked to help them out. Based on my skills, experience, and knowledge in my field, I am no different to my co-workers no matter how I show up to work. I have amazing fucking co-workers at an amazing fucking company bitches!

And, it gets even better my lovelies! Last weekend I attended Drag Queen Christmas (with members of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 8 contestants) with my girlfriend. You got that right!

I had asked her earlier this month if she would like to go and how she felt if I attended en femme. Her response was “Sure! I’d LOVE to!”

As the day drew near and we made plans, I told her 1) I need to get new heels. I broke one of my 3″ black pumps not long ago and while I could manage, walking around for several hours, downtown, up and down stairs was not that appealing. I also needed to figure out what to wear, what fit, and what looked good so I asked her if she’d help me pick out an outfit. And,I asked her if she wanted to get a make-over with me! Oh yeah, I went there bitches! (Besides, what girl DOESN’T want a make-over, right?)

So Friday, she said “Why don’t you come over today with all your outfits and let’s play dress-up?”.
OK girls, who just got excited about THAT? THIS girl did!

I packed my “go-bag” with 2 dresses, a black pencil skirt, and several blouses, and my wig. I tossed in 2 pair of tights, panties, and my broke ass pumps. (A girl needs SOMETHING to wear while shopping. Am I right?)

First I tried on the pencil skirt and the blouses. I just love, love, LOVE that skirt! The first blouse was a just a little tight but not bad. It wound up choice number 2. The second blouse was just too damn tight and not flattering at all so then I switched to the dresses. As it’s cold out, I had picked 2 different cable-knit sweater dresses. One, charcoal grey, the other a burgundy. The former is pretty much an A-line dress with a heavy, knit pattern. The latter flares out more at the knees (see right).
red-sweater-dress And that’s the one we chose for the show.

As it’s getting late and this post is getting long-winded, I’m going to fast-forward a bit to Saturday. We both got dressed and headed for our make-over. While at the salon I found a pair of black kitten heels that fit and added them to our purchase. We went to check-in to our hotel a few blocks from the show and I’m thinking “I’m dressed and I need to show photo id, and credit card when we get to the hotel. I wonder how that will play out”. Turns out, it was not an issue. I walked up to the guest counter and said “checking in”. They asked my last name, and said “Oh, we see you checked in online. We have your room ready… What do we call you?”

I assumed they were asking my name so I told them. The desk agent looked at me and said “No, how would you like us to address you? Do you have a name or gender preference?”

As it registered what he was asking, my face lit up and I replied “Oh, I go by D. Just the initial!”

“That’s perfect D! We’ll put that in your file for future reference. Here’s your room key and enjoy your stay!”


And, the night just kept getting better. H (my girlfriend) and  I put on some finishing touches then headed for our dinner reservation. By then, I was elated! It was about a 4 block walk to the restaurant and theater along the city’s very popular downtown, open air mall. And I did not give a flying fuck! I had my sashay and swagger on bitches! I had my runway walk on point! It was like a 4 block walk off! I had my little black clutch in one hand, H’s hand in my other, I was strutting my ass and legs all the way down that mother fucking street!

Then, as dinner was drawing to a close and the waiter brings us our check, he looks at me and asked “So, are you the entertainment for tonight?”

It took me a minute but then it hit me: He thought I was part of the show! Damn! Did I really look THAT hot? Was I that on-point with everything? H summed it up fairly nicely. She said “It’s your confidence. You’re practically radiating it. I’ve known you for over three years and while this side is new to me, and this almost feels like a first date, I like it. You’re being you. You’re authentic. And people see that.”

Soon after we paid the check, left the restaurant, and headed for the show. By then, it was almost anti-climactic. Don’t get me wrong, the show was just fabulous. But it just couldn’t compare to the events leading up to it.

Well my lovelies, my bitches, my not-so-gentle readers, it is late and I need my beauty sleep. I shall return soon, I promise! Until then,



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