Daily Wear and some Ad-Hoc Stuff

January 13, 2016 — 2 Comments

Good evening my gentle readers! I think I may have to change my writing schedule in the months to follow if not the entire year. In the past, I’ve utilized lulls during my workday to create my posts but unfortunately, a change in demand for my time and tasks has increased significantly. So now I must use the downtime before repose with which to pen my missives.

Now onto real matters and let me start with daily wear. This is the term that I’m equating with the amount of make-up I apply daily. I’ve mentioned it before but it boils down to concealer, powder, and mascara. Of the former items, I’ve found an ideal blend for my complexion. The concealer is Match Perfection (r) by Rimmel and it’s the 430 medium hue. I start with three small dots on each eye between the lid and the brow, then three dots below the eye making a little triangle about 1/2 inch. Then a drop on the bridge of my nose and four across my forehead, just above the brows. Next I blend outward and away from the nose using a foam wedge proceeding as follows: eye lids, cheeks, nose, forehead. Then comes the powder. For this I use Cover Girl Tru Blend (r) number 2 light, translucent powder applied with a blending brush and work my way down my face. I then finish with my mascara on the top lashes. I must be doing something correctly as I’ve yet to have anyone at work comment .

For after work hours and the weekend days, I add liner and eye shadow to create what I call my enhanced look. I apply this even when I’m in my non-femme clothes and, other than my wife and my girlfriend, have only had one other person comment on it and that is the hostess J and my favorite restaurant. When I add this to my routine, I apply the eye liner immediately following the powder, then I use a small contour brush and apply a bronze or copper-colored shadow to the upper lid, blending it with the liner. In my opinion, it’s still a rather natural look. If not for the eye liner it would barely be noticeable. Of course, for my full en-femme nights, well, that’s another story my lovelies!

Now for the ad-hoc items. Yes, I know, I need some pictures up here! I’ve tried taking some the last few times I’ve dressed out fully but what I see in the mirror and what I see on the phone camera are quite distinct. When I see my reflection in the mirror I see an attractive woman. The selfie generated from the phone is quite the opposite. The reflection appears smooth, even and radiant. The image captured by my phone appears yellowed, almost ghoulish, and seems to magnify every wrinkle and fold. I’ll keep trying though, for you my gentle readers.

One final note before signing off. In my last few posts I’ve use the phrase “en-femme”. I’ve come to discover that I dislike the phrase “in drag”. To me, en-femme feels like it captures my spirit more: I’m feeling feminine, pretty, sexy, me. Drag feels like impersonation, mockery, and unnatural. Does that make sense?

Thanks for listening my lovelies, and pics to come soon (I promise!)


2 responses to Daily Wear and some Ad-Hoc Stuff


    Yes I prefer enfem rather than drag. I get what you mean just fine. I would rather my self be Enfem as that’s how I feel 90% of the time. Drag as you say is a costume performer though many are not. There does have to be a separation so to speak.


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