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I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. The foundation portion is pretty solid now. I can get my concealer, foundation and powder on evenly, smoothly and quickly. It’s the eyeliner that has taken some work and a lot of patience but I think I’m at a point where it’s consistent. Here are some samples of the last 2 days practicing. What do you think? (Yeah, my hair is a bit messy in the second damnit!). Oh, and after the full make-up with the blue eyes, I felt so sexy! I definitely felt like I was passable!

Green Eyes Blue Eyes

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Baby Steps

August 14, 2015 — 2 Comments

An interesting night last night that carried over into this morning. My girlfriend and I had a talk about my desire to dress and her comfort level around it. While she’s been at least generally accepting of it there’s still been a bit of unease. Part of it is that is because she says that what she finds attractive about me is my “manliness” and it’s hard for her to wrap her head around this other side of me.

We then spent the evening discussing ways to see if she could be more comfortable around me dressing. Part of, we agreed, is familiarity. When we first started dating I was open about it and that I did it. At that time I had been shaving my legs and chest for some time so that was how she got to know me. It was weird for her, but she got to where it was “normal”.
When I started using clear polish on my nails several months ago, it was a bit of a shock to her at first, but again, it is becoming “normal”.

And, I did get the chance to fully dress for her back in July and it wasn’t a complete turn-off for her. So in the end, we talked about me being more “out” around the house in order for her to gain that familiarity. Therefore, my (or our) goal is to dress more, wear make-up more often. Do things we normally do around the house except dressed and in make-up. And that includes being myself and doing things like hugging her, kissing her, cuddling on the couch, all while dressed.

And, to make good on our agreement, as I was in the mood to do so, I told her I was going to wear make-up to work today (my usual minimal, natural look). I showered, got dressed and applied the concealer, foundation, powder, and mascara and then “reveled” myself. I guess I did a good job with the natural look because she said “I honestly can’t tell you have it on”. Only looking close could she tell I was even wearing mascara. She also commented on how fast it was. When I came upstairs she said “Did you already put make-up on”? Of course, I had showered, shaved, dressed and applied make-up. Her comment was that it usually takes her an hour. I guess it does help to go minimal 🙂

Well my lovelies, I need to wrap this up.
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Hello my lovelies, so sorry that I haven’t written in awhile. My world has gotten just a tad busy. (That’s not to say that I’m not still working my “girlish figure” and experimenting daily, I just haven’t had much time to write). But, this week’s news regarding Target and their decision to remove gender labeling in the toy aisles has had me perplexed. Not because of Target’s decision, but more the outcry from it.

My Facebook page feed has been a mixed bag of those showing support for the decision, and those adamantly against it. One friend posted “Not shopping at Target anymore, God made men and women. We’re different, so why do we need to change that”?

Hmmm, I’m perplexed. In my opinion that’s a non sequitur. So, God made men and women. If that’s what you believe fine. But, and this is big folks, men and women made the toys. And, again this is a big point folks, as the consumer YOU have the choice what to buy or not buy for your children. If your daughter wants the Meccano (r) Lego set will you tell her “No, that’s for boys”? Or is she wants the Star Wars (r) set will you say “Let’s find Princess Leia” Maybe your son wants the Lego Super Friends(r) set with Wonder Woman. Will you turn him down and steer him towards the Batman(r) because “it’s for boys?” (FYI… Look at these pictures. Do they say “For boys 8-14” or “For Girls 6-12”?)

Why stifle your child’s creativity and expression?

Another absurd comment I heard was “If Target removes gender labeling from these toys, how can I find what I’m looking for?” Seriously, “Boys Building Sets” and “Girls Building Sets” are now “Building Sets”. What are you looking for? That Star Wars(r) set for your son? Can’t find it in “Building Sets”? Maybe there are deeper issues. Looking for a girl’s bike? Can’t find it because there’s no “Girl’s Bicycles” aisle? Maybe, and this is just me, but could it be on the “Bicycles” aisle? Or, are there just too many options that would be confusing? To borrow a quote from comedian Bill Engvall: “Here’s your sign”.

Now people, let’s try worrying about something real.

Ciao my lovelies,