Countdown to Cuteness

July 30, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today is the day! Mani/pedi tonight! Can’t wait! In fact, 6 more hours! In celebration (and anticipation) I did face make-up today 🙂 I even did more and went a little heavier than usual. I started with my typical eye routine but then added more foundation to my overall face. I went for a smooth, even, natural look. And, I went a little heavier with the mascara and have longer, thicker (sexier, flirtier) eyes today!

I have a confidant at work who I am out with and she’s my “barometer” to help me gauge whether it’s too much, or noticeable. Her response today was “No, I can’t tell at all. In fact, I wish I could do make-up as well as you” <big grin>. I also kind of came out to a co-worker in the next cube. She leaned over to ask me a question but seemed to stare at me like there was something different. I swear she had a quizzical, inquiring look that almost said “Are you wearing male-up?” So when we had a bit of privacy and other cube-dwellers were away, I asked her if she could tell. She seemed shocked that I would ask that but did say no, she couldn’t. So score another win.

That said, ladies (and other CDs) I have a question. I’ve been wearing the eye make-up about 2 to 3 times a week and even though I remove it each night I’ve noticed that either I haven’t removed all the mascara or that my lashes seem to be getting longer and thicker. Is this possible?

Ciao my lovelies, till next time…


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