Love the Feeling!

July 28, 2015 — 1 Comment

What feeling is that you ask? Why, the feeling of something silky and satiny against my skin from stockings, to pantyhose, to panties. It just feels so damned good! It feels sexy! It feels wonderful! It feels invigorating!

I decided to wear pantyhose today and it feels wonderful (even with the sunburned legs). I don’t know, I just really like that feeling against my skin. I don’t understand why my wife hates wearing them. Ladies, what are your thoughts?Ciao my lovelies!Denise Black_Stockings

One response to Love the Feeling!


    For me,,,,, I really like the- Feeling / *Look of……. * STOCKINGS with either wearing a panty girdle / a Corset which to this day… I have Never wore/tried one on,,,, but cant wait to….own one,, because they just look s000 darn *S E X Y !!!! / old-school classy so for (this) Gurl NO….to wearing pantyhose lol….. but if its what (you) like and enjoy….then so be-it…..its all good!!!


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