July 24, 2015 — 2 Comments

I was looking around online for some cute or sexy sandals (or both!). These are what’s left after narrowing down the field. Want! Want! Want! Would LOVE to see my painted and stocking-covered feet and toes in these.

Silver_and_Diamond_Sandals White_sandals
Black_Sandals Gold_Sandals

2 responses to Want!


    I can’t help you either. I like them as well



    hmm? what’s a cross dresser to do-? lol!!! buy them…… (ALL) !!!! all of them that u have pictured sure are nice,,, the 1 that is doin the *MOST for me is: the blk heels that hav the words (more colors ) & as u hav already guessed that my 1 favorite heels to wear are my clear color mules…..they go Great with all,,,,, outfits I am sure the 1,s u buy will look really good….I am sure of this* let us readers no….which ones u bought,,,,


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