Practice, Practice, Practice

July 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Eye_HalfOpen_Sexy_WP  I love my free time in the morning! My wife usually leaves around 5:30 AM to catch the bus and my girlfriend is usually out of the house by 6:15 at the latest. Since I don’t have to be at work until about 8:30 (and I only live 5 miles from my office) this gives me close to 2 hours of alone time in the morning with which to practice applying make-up, doing my nails, shaving my legs, and other “girly things”. Eyes_Open_WPToday was no exception as I worked on the areas around my eyes again.

What do you think? Did I do OK? (Yes, I definitely think it’s time to have some major brow work done).

Also, very excited as I finally got my mani/pedi appointment scheduled for next Thursday. So excited! I so want to go in a sundress and sandals. Alas, for now, I’ll have to go in my work clothes (button down shirt and jeans). Some day…

Ciao my lovelies!


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