July 6, 2015 — Leave a comment

I hope everyone (at least my US readers) enjoyed their 3-day weekend. I know I did. Both my girlfriend and I had the day off on the 3rd and we talked about my desire to cross dress. She has another friend who has shown “interest” in dressing as well and showed her a few pictures of himself dressed. His idea and mine are not the same and I wanted to assure her that unlike him, I did not ascribe to the “wear a pair of panties and a corset, slap on some lipstick and a costume wig” and say “Look, I’m a girl”.

I believe in trying to pass. I believe in making myself look pretty and not just a “guy in a wig with lipstick”.

With that, we agreed that I would transition from myself to Denise for her.

I got out my makeup bag, got dressed in my panties, stockings, and high heels. I put on my wig and started on my makeup. And I worked carefully and took my time. I did my concealer and foundation and got an even, natural base. Then added the mineral powder working my way up my face. I did a combination of liquid eyeliner and pencil and got a neat, cat-eye shape then proceeded to add the eye shadow and mascara. I finished with a little blush and then my dark plum-colored lipstick with gloss. One final brush of the wig to neaten it up and I walked up the stairs for my presentation. Her words were “Wow! You look pretty! That’s not what I imagined. You look like an angel”.

It felt very good to hear those things and I was very happy. We spent a few hours in the basement while I worked around the desk filing, cleaning up, and organizing all while dressed as Denise. Eventually, the day and house started getting warm and I was sweating under the wig so it was time to take everything off and return to my regular guy day.

Next time, I’ll provide pictures of the final results.

Ciao! Denise


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