My Shoes and Make-up Adventures

June 25, 2015 — 2 Comments

First off, here is a picture of my shoes. I call the black pumps my “sexecutive” or sexy executive heels. The others are my party heels. You like? In other news, I did full make-up
MyShoesyesterday. There were good and bad results. Overall, I feel like I
did and excellent job.  With my wig on I would say I was at least
semi-passable. The foundation matched well. I also used a blue tone for my eye shadow. Medium blue for the lid, silver blue for the brow and almost an indigo for the crease. Only problem was I screwed up the left eye and smudged my mascara and liner. I had to start over but did an ok job of fixing it. Also, down another 2 pounds! Gotta keep working on that sexy girlish figure 😉



2 responses to My Shoes and Make-up Adventures


    What do you have to wear with those?


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