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June 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

Last night was an interesting and fun one. The girlfriend and I got to play manicure with each other. She loves to have her nails done (usually professionally) and they’re always very pretty. We just finished moving her in and in the process broke or chipped several of her nails and she was a bit bummed out. Since we didn’t have enough time to go get them redone last night she started herself and decided to strip the gel off. I offered to help and she agreed.

My girlfriend went and got the nail polish remover, some cotton pads and trimmed off some aluminum foil and we got started. I cut the cotton disks in half, folded them into pie shaped wedges, dipped them in the nail polish remover, covered the nail with the soaked cotton and wrapped it in foil. I was halfway finished with her left hand when she piped up saying “Oh, I bet that’s gonna take the polish off your nails”. I had already thought of that and replied “Yeah, it’s ok. I’ll just reapply”.

By the time I finished her left hand it was evident that the clear coat in fact was coming off. I finished her hands and her nails were all wrapped in foil so I took another disk, dabbed it in the polish remover and proceeded to remove all the clear coat on my nails. While she was “cooking” I went and got my clear coat then sat down next to her and re-applied it to my own nails.

By the time I was dry, her nails had finished the “cooking” so I removed the foil one nail at a time and used the scraper to push the old gel polish off her. In about 15 minutes we were all done. She took her file and removed a few of the tougher areas, smoother them out while I went and got the nail oil for her. As she was applying the oil, I applied my second coat and “ta dah!” we both had much nicer looking nails 🙂

My wife got home shortly after that and noticed the acetone smell and asked “Who’s been working on their nails?” We both chimed in “We were!”. She took one look and said “Fabulous!”



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