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June 19, 2015 — Leave a comment

I got home from work before everyone last night so I had a few hours of free time. I had stopped off at the pharmacy on my way home for a few items and as I walked past the make-up counter decided to see if I could find some items that ACTUALLY fit my skin tone and color. (In the past, I’ve tended to just randomly grab different things like eye shadow, concealer, foundation, etc.)

And, I really wasn’t that nervous or self-conscious. I picked some new concealer (more about that later), mineral powder foundation, liquid eyeliner, a set of eye shadows that I thought looked both sexy AND would go well with my skin tone, some sponge applicator wedges, some foam tipped applicators, and, finally, a new shade of nail polish (also more later).

After I got home and unpacked everything, I started with the concealer, applying it below my eyes, above the eyelids, then finally on my forehead. Using a tip I had read about, I applied a line of dots above and below, then used the foam wedges to smooth it out. And, I actually did well picking a color that matched my skin tone! It blended in well with the surrounding areas of my face! A quick brush of the mineral powder to smooth it all off and I honestly could barely tell I was wearing anything (I believe women call this the “natural” look).

In fact, when everyone got home, I asked them if they could tell what I had done. They started looking around the kitchen at first but I said “No, on me”. They really couldn’t tell. However, after the reveal they did start to make comments like “Well, I can see a bit of shine under certain light”, or “You know, I keep thinking you looked a little fresh and clean for so late in the day”. So success!

As for the polish, wow did I choose right! It’s a deep burgundy, very rich. Since there wasn’t much time I applied it on my pinky. I immediately LOVED it! It’s a great color for my hands. After it dried, I applied a clear coat of “Hard as Nails”. Wow… it POPPED! So, when I have some more free time I’ll do my entire hands and post the pics.


Ciao my lovelies!



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