The Transition

June 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

I have a feeling this blog will create some negative feedback particularly in my home country of the US. Why? I am a 50 year old cross dresser coming into my own.

The purpose is to slowly document my transition from living mostly male to living a mixed life as a gender fluid cross dresser. Unlike Caitlyn, Laverne Cox, and other trans people out there, I don’t “feel” like I was born female. But, I do have early memories of sneaking into my mother’s closet, trying on her clothes, putting on make-up in secret. I’ve always like women’s clothing and styles.

I came out to my wife and girlfriend a little over 2 years ago and have been experiencing dressing up, applying and wearing makeup more often. After seeing Eddie Izzard perform live, I’ve decided to make the transition and “be myself”. I’ve started with small things to see who or how many people notice.


Polished Nails

The first thing I did was start polishing and buffing my nails. For now I use a clear coat and keep then buffed and shiny. Other than my wife and girlfriend, only 2 people have commented on them.

Today I started shaping my eyebrows. Let’s see what happens and how this goes. More to come…




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