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Well, I may have accidentally “outed” myself at work. I thought I had my browser open to my blog post instead of my Intranet home page and several co-workers came over to ask questions and get some advice. I didn’t realize it until I needed to get to the window BEHIND the web browser. Oh well.


Party Clothes

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As promised, here are some of my party clothes. And, I’m actually wearing them!

Black, fringe skirt, taupe-sparkle kitten heels from DSW, and Hanes “Barely There” thigh highs. What do you think? To quote an old Shania Twain song: “Man, I feel like a woman!”


Marriage Equality!

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Just a quick shout out to say “Hooray” for the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states. #LoveWins!

First off, here is a picture of my shoes. I call the black pumps my “sexecutive” or sexy executive heels. The others are my party heels. You like? In other news, I did full make-up
MyShoesyesterday. There were good and bad results. Overall, I feel like I
did and excellent job.  With my wig on I would say I was at least
semi-passable. The foundation matched well. I also used a blue tone for my eye shadow. Medium blue for the lid, silver blue for the brow and almost an indigo for the crease. Only problem was I screwed up the left eye and smudged my mascara and liner. I had to start over but did an ok job of fixing it. Also, down another 2 pounds! Gotta keep working on that sexy girlish figure 😉


Male Lingerie?

June 23, 2015 — 3 Comments

I may have to give this website a try.


Gurl fun

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Last night was an interesting and fun one. The girlfriend and I got to play manicure with each other. She loves to have her nails done (usually professionally) and they’re always very pretty. We just finished moving her in and in the process broke or chipped several of her nails and she was a bit bummed out. Since we didn’t have enough time to go get them redone last night she started herself and decided to strip the gel off. I offered to help and she agreed.

My girlfriend went and got the nail polish remover, some cotton pads and trimmed off some aluminum foil and we got started. I cut the cotton disks in half, folded them into pie shaped wedges, dipped them in the nail polish remover, covered the nail with the soaked cotton and wrapped it in foil. I was halfway finished with her left hand when she piped up saying “Oh, I bet that’s gonna take the polish off your nails”. I had already thought of that and replied “Yeah, it’s ok. I’ll just reapply”.

By the time I finished her left hand it was evident that the clear coat in fact was coming off. I finished her hands and her nails were all wrapped in foil so I took another disk, dabbed it in the polish remover and proceeded to remove all the clear coat on my nails. While she was “cooking” I went and got my clear coat then sat down next to her and re-applied it to my own nails.

By the time I was dry, her nails had finished the “cooking” so I removed the foil one nail at a time and used the scraper to push the old gel polish off her. In about 15 minutes we were all done. She took her file and removed a few of the tougher areas, smoother them out while I went and got the nail oil for her. As she was applying the oil, I applied my second coat and “ta dah!” we both had much nicer looking nails 🙂

My wife got home shortly after that and noticed the acetone smell and asked “Who’s been working on their nails?” We both chimed in “We were!”. She took one look and said “Fabulous!”


Tried some new colors today. I kinda like the green. Thoughts?
And how’s the liner and mascara? Too thick?
GreenEyes_small1a GreenEyes_Small2a

I also had planned on the new nail polish but after I screwed up 3 attempts at getting it on neatly I gave up. Tomorrow, ok?


More practice

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I got home from work before everyone last night so I had a few hours of free time. I had stopped off at the pharmacy on my way home for a few items and as I walked past the make-up counter decided to see if I could find some items that ACTUALLY fit my skin tone and color. (In the past, I’ve tended to just randomly grab different things like eye shadow, concealer, foundation, etc.)

And, I really wasn’t that nervous or self-conscious. I picked some new concealer (more about that later), mineral powder foundation, liquid eyeliner, a set of eye shadows that I thought looked both sexy AND would go well with my skin tone, some sponge applicator wedges, some foam tipped applicators, and, finally, a new shade of nail polish (also more later).

After I got home and unpacked everything, I started with the concealer, applying it below my eyes, above the eyelids, then finally on my forehead. Using a tip I had read about, I applied a line of dots above and below, then used the foam wedges to smooth it out. And, I actually did well picking a color that matched my skin tone! It blended in well with the surrounding areas of my face! A quick brush of the mineral powder to smooth it all off and I honestly could barely tell I was wearing anything (I believe women call this the “natural” look).

In fact, when everyone got home, I asked them if they could tell what I had done. They started looking around the kitchen at first but I said “No, on me”. They really couldn’t tell. However, after the reveal they did start to make comments like “Well, I can see a bit of shine under certain light”, or “You know, I keep thinking you looked a little fresh and clean for so late in the day”. So success!

As for the polish, wow did I choose right! It’s a deep burgundy, very rich. Since there wasn’t much time I applied it on my pinky. I immediately LOVED it! It’s a great color for my hands. After it dried, I applied a clear coat of “Hard as Nails”. Wow… it POPPED! So, when I have some more free time I’ll do my entire hands and post the pics.


Ciao my lovelies!


Reader Feedback

June 18, 2015 — 3 Comments

As I learn and practice, tell me readers, what would you like to see (G-Rated of course)? Please comment below…



I wish it were easy to come out as a cross dresser. Believe it or not, but in my mind the difficult is not being public as much as it is being passable. To that end I’ve come up with a plan and a goal.

For starters, I am a bit on the overweight side. Regardless of my coming out, losing this weight is a goal anyway. But, as I had gone shopping with an ex a few years ago and bought some sexy clothes, they no longer fit. So goal one is to lose at least 30 pounds so I can fit into them again. I hope to reach that goal by the end of Summer. If so, I am purchasing a new sundress and some cute kitten heel sandals then coming to work dressed as Denise.

The second goal is being “passable” and not looking like “some guy that threw on some lipstick”. To that end I’ve started practicing applying eye makeup each morning. Today I used neutral colors: Bronze, gold and copper. Thoughts?

That part is getting easier although on some days I still struggle with the eye liner.

I also “pushed the envelope” a little for work. Before leaving, I applied a very light coat of concealer around the eyes and forehead, then a dusting of mineral powder for an overall softer look. I asked a co-worker if she noticed and she said she couldn’t tell I had anything on 🙂

More to come…